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How to Fix Wrong Run Disney Corral Placement For a Race

You’ve been training for your dream Run Disney race for so long and trained hard for a proof of time. You also logged onto Run Disney’s website and submitted your proof of time by the deadline AND printed it… only to be disappointed when bib numbers and corrals are released because you (think) you were placed in the wrong corral. Wrong Run Disney Corral Placement happens all the time, but there’s no need to panic. Here are the steps that you can take to get it corrected.

Run Disney Wrong Corral Placement, Wrong Run Disney Corral Placement

How to Fix Wrong Run Disney Corral Placement For a Race

Wrong Run Disney Corral Placement Happens All the Time

It’s enough to send most runners into immediate panic. Run Disney runners place a huge value on their corral placement because it means more time to enjoy the course, less risk of being swept and every runner has paid thousands (in travel expenses and race fees) to run the race.

Wrong corral placement can happen for so many reasons beyond your control. It could be a simple mistake, from switching race distances or you registered through a third party that submitted it wrong.

But you shouldn’t fret! There are some steps that you can take to try and solve the issue…

Step One: Have Your Proof Ready

Take a screenshot of your registration with your POT that you believe qualifies you for a higher corral placement. It’s best to have a digital copy and a hard copy that you submitted your POT.

Step Two: Email Run Disney (Track Shack)

Run Disney partners with Track Shack to create the corrals and place runners. Email Run Disney with your screenshot of POT and politely explain your situation. You aren’t the only runner who is experiencing the issue. Most likely, they’ll get back to you within a few days.

Run Disney Wrong Corral Placement, Wrong Run Disney Corral Placement


Step Three: Call Run Disney

If emailing still hasn’t resolved the placement, call Run Disney (407-938-3398) and select option “1” and then the next option for POT, Waivers and Bibs. That will connect you to Track Shack directly. There is no guarantee that they will change it over the phone, but you can let somebody know you’re having the issue before race weekend. Hopefully they can flag your name before the expo so you can resolve the issue in person.

Step Four: Go to “Runner Relations”

If all else above fails, go to the Runner Relations desk at the race expo. They have Run Disney staff available to speak with. Bring your screenshot and your printed POT to them and explain your situation. Usually this is your best bet!

Run Disney Wrong Corral Placement


If you never submitted a Proof of Time or you have a time that places you in a back corral, don’t worry about it! It doesn’t mean that you won’t have a magical race. If you trained for your race, you’ll do great! I promise. The real fun happens in the back of the pack. Just remember: Run Disney strictly prohibits jumping corrals. It’s not worth it.

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