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The Best COVERED Umbrella Stroller For Disney Parks

Vacationing at Disney Parks, as a family, is magical, no matter which coast you pick. Whether you’re at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, parents love to bring a lightweight stroller to navigate the parks with a baby or young child. After reviewing many brands, and three kids later, I’m sharing my favorite COVERED umbrella stroller for Disney. Plus, all of different models (versions) they make of it – so you can pick a price point that works for you.

The BEST umbrella stroller for touring Disney Parks - both Disney World and Disneyland! It's light weight, folds completely and reclines.

Ever since Disney Parks first opened, with Disneyland in 1955, parents have been hunting down the best strollers for their vacation. The right stroller can keep your child comfortable, is light weight and make park navigation so much easier. The wrong stroller is simply a headache that will be pain in your day.

I’ve toured the parks with TONS of stroller models and the slightest nuances can really put a damper on your day. A squeaky wheel or being sent away at the parks gates, because you’ve got the wrong stroller size, will be a huge vacation frustration.

Why You Need An Umbrella Stroller For Disney

Traditional umbrella strollers collapse and fold easily. They’ve become a popular travel option because they’re lightweight and don’t take up much cargo space.

You can score a new umbrella stroller for about $20 at your local box store – but it won’t enhance your experience at all AND they’re poorly made. Nobody wants to buy a new stroller on vacation or rent one when it wasn’t in your budget.

Umbrella Stroller For Touring Disney With Baby
Bringing the right umbrella stroller on your Disney Parks vacation will make all the difference!

Here’s Why You Need An Umbrella Stroller For Disney:

  • Transportation Requires Strollers Folded – If you’re staying on property, all Disney resorts are on the bus transportation system. Everyone ends up on a bus, if you’re staying on property. Parents are required to fold stroller and sit children on lap (or seats). Umbrella strollers are easy to fold. Even if you aren’t staying on property and drive in to park – the trams require folded strollers too.
  • You’ll Want A Lightweight Option – You’ll have to fold the stroller before getting on the bus. Carrying it up the bus stairs, and watching your kids, will make it necessary for a lightweight option.
  • Disney Parks Have Stroller Requirements – At one point, strollers were getting out of control in the parks. Stroller wagons are banned and the Walt Disney World (and Disneyland) – stroller policy states “Strollers must be 31” (79cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long or smaller.” 
  • A Narrow Footprint Is Easier For Navigation – When you’re walking through crowds and busy shops, a smaller stroller is simply easier.

What Is The Best Umbrella Stroller For Disney Parks?

Drumroll please… my vote for the BEST Umbrella Stroller for Disney Parks is the Maclaren Baby brand. I’m going to break down why they win as my #1 choice and recommendation for anyone who ever asks. We’ve been owners of the Maclaren Baby Techno XT Model since my oldest was born (it’s still sold today as an updated version) , but I’ve had the opportunity to test out several of their models. Over the years, they’ve only made improvements for a top-notch baby product.

Offering the most design features for the smallest footprint, the Maclaren brand really takes the lead in the umbrella stroller category.

Their models originally intrigued us for our oldest son’s first Walt Disney World trip and we’re still using the SAME stroller today for my youngest… 8 years later. I love that it’s reliable, has stood the test of time and we still swear by it being the BEST stroller for Disney Parks.

Are The Maclaren Baby Umbrella Strollers Worth The Cost?

Let me be entirely honest with you… you’re going to be spending up to several hundred dollars to own a Maclaren umbrella stroller. We scored a great deal on our Techno XT model with the yearly Amazon Prime sale and I’ve also seen price cuts at Buy Buy Baby.

Reclined and Covered Maclaren Baby Umbrella Stroller

Here’s why Maclaren Umbrella Strollers Are Worth The Price:

  • Only Umbrella Stroller With A Recline Feature: If you’re going to be in the parks all day long, which most Disney Parks guests want to do for the price of the park tickets, your child will most likely take a nap. Traditional umbrella stroller can be uncomfortable. The Maclaren can recline all the way flat AND offer a leg extension feature, for the ultimate comfort.
  • They’re Covered Umbrella Strollers: Avoid the hot Florida (or California) sun, and protect your little one from sunburn, by choosing a stroller that’s covered. It’s a HUGE benefit to keep your baby cool and comfortable.
  • Maclaren Strollers Actually Offer Storage Space: Even with a small umbrella footprint, the Maclaren brand offers small storage space below the seat and behind the back of the seat. It’s enough to store a small shopping package, several bottles, diapers and change of clothes. So if you want to avoid carrying a bag, you can!
  • Suitable For Newborns To 55 Pounds: Your money will stretch further with the Maclaren because a child can continue to use it until they hit the fifty-five pound weight limit.

On top those features, you can even register the stroller for the Sovereign™ Lifetime Warranty, which will replace any parents (if needed) and guarantee your umbrella stroller quality. We registered ours and have never had to use the service. It’s great to know it exists though.

MacClaren Stroller Disney Parks

Which Maclaren Umbrella Stroller Is Right For Your Family?

Here are a couple of the umbrella strollers to consider before your Disney vacation, at multiple price points. Keep in mind that they’re going to stand the test of time.

The Maclaren Techno Arc Model

As one of the pricier Maclaren models, it comes with more advantages. It has the lifetime warranty, waterproof and sits a child up to 55lbs. The handles are firm and sturdy, with a great feel. This model has 4.5 stars on Amazon.

It weighs only 11lbs and completely folds to fit in a storage bag. Use the side handle to carry it on Disney transportation. There’s also a gate check bag that you can purchase to fit this model, if you’re flying.

The Techno XT Model

Coming in at a lower price and our personal favorite, this is the BEST umbrella stroller for Disney – the one that I recommend the most. The seat folds completely flat, it weighs 13lbs and holds a child up to 55lbs. It has great storage compartments and it’s completely waterproof too. The seat folding flat allows for easy nap times. It also has a great shock-absorbing system to keep little ones asleep.

How To Care For Your Maclaren Umbrella Stroller Between Disney Vacations

Let me honest, I know these strollers aren’t cheap. They’re an investment. We use ours for much more than Disney Parks (they’re great if you have a smaller car too). If you take the plunge and decide to make the investment, I’ve got a few tips to help you take care of your Maclaren Umbrella stroller:

  1. Store the stroller in a dry space and keep it folded between uses.
  2. Clean the wheels with a sanitizing wipe before placing into storage.
  3. Purchase a Stroller Bag to protect it from elements.
  4. Make sure storage compartments are empty between uses.

We’ve never needed to oil the wheels and they’re still smooth, eight years later. We’ve also never needed to replace any parts, but they’re easily available (along with more accessories) on Amazon.

Foldable Umbrella Stroller For Disney Parks

Believe me when I say that the right stroller can really change your vacation. No pun intended, but you want your family travel to go smoothly. Remember the amazing Disney vacation and not a stroller that constantly gave you problems. We’re so glad we made the Maclaren investment and it’s made all the difference for us.

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