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Tybee Island Kayaking, Fishing Charters & Boating: Adventurer’s Guide

Adventure is around every corner in Tybee Island, Georgia! Thank you to Visit Tybee for hosting our family so discover the best of Tybee Island kayaking, fishing charters and boating. All opinions are my own.

There’s nothing more thrilling than adding some outdoor adventure to a trip itinerary. You can connect with nature, soak up some sun and explore the beauty of Georgia’s coast in Tybee Island. There are several rental locations that allow tourists the opportunity to experience kayaking, boating, bicycling and fishing charters, without the hassle of needing your own gear. That makes it easy to experience some of Tybee’s most stunning views.

Tybee Island, Georgia offers great activities for outdoor enthusiasts! Your guide to Tybee Island kayaking, fishing, boating and jet skiing! #TybeeIsland #FamilyTravel #TravelGuide

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Tybee Island Kayaking, Fishing Charters & Boating

When you’re planning your Tybee Island vacation, be sure to plan your outdoor excursions ahead of time. You can arrange tour times and rentals with as little as 24 hour notice for some rental locations. During the island’s high tourism seasons of late spring and summer, you’ll have a harder time securing rentals or tours. It’s best to reserve your activities prior to the day of. 

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Fishing Charters & Nature Tours

Ensure your outdoor adventures are great with a local expert. Booking a charter boat tour offers local knowledge about the tides, weather and best locations. Dolphin watching, crabbing, fossil hunting, birding, fishing and hiking are some of the many things you can experience on the island’s tours. Even tiny tourist can experience some of these outdoor adventures!

If fishing all day is on your dream Tybee Island itinerary, then you’ve got plenty of options to make that happen. Local catches include Sea Bass, Sheepshead, Spottail Bass, Flounder, Spanish & King Mackerel, Barracuda, Amberjack, Sea Trout, Grouper, Cobia, Shark and Snapper. Guided tours offer the benefit of an expert guide helping you find all of the best Tybee island fishing spots.

Local Tybee Island Fishing Charters:

  • Sundial Charter Tours – a family-owned and operated Tybee tour company that’s run by an avid outdoorsman and his wife. They’re passionate about offering a great outdoor experience. 
  • Reel Em’ N Deep Sea Fishing Charters – offers four to twelve hour fishing charters for up to 10 anglers
  • Compass Sailing – Passengers board at the Bull Island Yacht Club, between Tybee Island and Savannah

If you’re looking to fish without a charter, it’s much more cost effective and budget-friendly. You can rent a pole on the Tybee Island pier and fish directly off of the pier. It’s an hourly rate to rent the pole and it’s a great spot with nearby on-the-beach restaurants when you’re ready for a break. 

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Tybee Island Kayaking & Paddleboarding

Kayaking is such a great low-impact outdoor activity and it’s also a great way to explore Tybee Island. The local island kayaking rentals companies are familiar with the area and can help you find the right boat and oar you’ll need. You’ll be able to navigate areas that larger boats can’t access. Definitely take advantage of visiting Little Tybee Island.

Little Tybee is only accessible by boat and it’s actually twice the size of Tybee Island. It’s an untouched nature preserve that’s a gem for campers, birding, fossil hunting and fishing. It’s a special outdoor adventure that’s often overlooked by tourists visiting the island.

Additionally, If you’re interested in paddle boarding, there are several guided tour options along the calm and serene waters in the “triangle” between Tybee & Little Tybee. It’s a great total body workout that’s becoming more popular for beach goers.

Local Tybee Island kayaking rental companies:

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Boating Rentals & Jet Skiing

I always recommend jet skiing to readers that want an adventurous water sport activity. There are some great waterways throughout Tybee Island that offer a variety of views – from beautiful homes to wildlife. Even if you’re not an experienced jet skier, the island’s typography offers some great areas with calm water.

Did you know that renting a boat on vacation is actually pretty easy? So many people stray away from the ideas as they assume a boat is too difficult to maneuver. With a short certification course, you can earn a temporary certificate that’s valid for six months. You can enjoy some family time on the water, fish or Visit Little Tybee. 

Local Tybee Island boating & jet ski rental companies:

Tybee Island boating, Tybee Island Boat Rentals, Tybee Island Charter Boats

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