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Touring Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival With Kids

Disclaimer: I received 2 complimentary park tickets, from Walt Disney World, as part of the media.

Epcot’s most popular seasonal event, the Food & Wine Festival, just kicked off this year. For 2016, the festival will run until November 14th. Featuring over 30 kiosks with international flavors, you can taste & sip while walking around the park. It’s a must do for Fall tourists at Walt Disney World.

Tips to Enjoy Epcot's Food and Wine Festival With Kids

Most non-local families travel to Disney with their kids and make it a well rounded trip by visiting the other parks too. This means taking the kids with you while you tour the festival!

Surprisingly, there is plenty for the young kids to do at Epcot. They can enjoy the park while you experience the festival. You just need to know before you go!

I’ve got some tips to help you take the kids to Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival. They’ll stay happy and entertained while you nosh on festival favorites…
  • Pick up the Festival guide book upon entering the park. As a new feature this year, the book includes stickers. As you walk around, let them be responsible to add a sticker per country’s kiosk.

    ©Disney Photographer: Matt Stroshane

    ©Disney Photographer: Matt Stroshane

  • Play Remy’s Ratatouile Hide and Squeak game while walking around the festival. The kids hunt for “ingredients” and mark on a map, with stickers, when they find them. The game does cost $7.95, but you can turn in your map (after completion) for a limited edition pin. So many kids play this game!
  • Visit the KidsCot stations. The showcase pavilions offer a guided craft for the kids. For example, Mexico had a Duffy Bear fan for the kids to color.
  • Take a break from the kiosks and go character hunting. Epcot is home to the classic Fab Five characters and many princess’s. Mulan, Belle, Anna & Elsa, Snow White and Jasmine can all be found in the World Showcase.

    ©Disney Photographer: Ryan Wendler

    ©Disney Photographer: Ryan Wendler

  • Sample desserts by creating your own fun kiosk stops for the kids. From Australia that offers a yellow skewer to the chocolate kiosk, you can find a fun dessert to try.

    ©Disney Photographer: Matt Stroshane

    ©Disney Photographer: Matt Stroshane

  • Don’t forget about the rides! Epcot’s World Showcase has 2 rides that are indoors. They make a great escape from the afternoon heat. The Mexico pavillion offers the Three Amigos ride and the Norway pavillion is home to the brand new (and popular) Frozen Ever After. Be sure to check Fast Pass+ availability for Frozen Ever After.

Your whole family can enjoy Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival together. There’s no need to skip it just because you’re traveling with the kids. There is something for everyone and we loved exploring the festival with our toddler. I would definitely take him again!

Will you be visiting the Food & Wine Festival this year? What is your favorite kiosk to visit?


Tuesday 27th of September 2016

Sounds like a super fun festival and it's great to know that there's something for everyone! I think the kids will definitely love this.

Whitney S. @ Fabulous in Fayette

Monday 26th of September 2016

You had me at sample desserts and food. Yes, please!! I'd love to go, even if it was only for those things!


Monday 26th of September 2016

Food and wine is my all time favorite thing to do at Disney!!! When I lived in Orlando I swear I lived at food and wine lol


Monday 26th of September 2016

I thought the tip was going to be to leave them with a babysitter back at the resort! :-) My kids love to try new foods, so I think they would enjoy this though.

Amanda Love

Monday 26th of September 2016

It would definitely be nice to take the kids here and just have fun! It's always fun when there's food involved anyway. Lol. This is going to memorable and it's nice that there are other activities prepared for the kids.

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