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Georgia Hidden Gems: Top 7 Things To In Sandy Springs With Kids

The King and Queen buildings stand as iconic beacons, with their eye-catching architecture, that you’re in Sandy Springs. As a north Atlanta suburb, Sandy Springs has come into its own light as a city that shines with art, recreational activities, and culinary delights. It’s no longer an extension of Atlanta; it’s a destination you want to visit, not a vacation add-on. 

The best things to do in Sandy Springs, Georgia.
The King and Queen buildings stand as a sign that you’ve entered Sandy Springs. Photo Credit: Visit Sandy Springs

We’ve lived in Atlanta for over twenty years, and our recent weekend trip to Sandy Springs surprised us. We discovered the best things to do in Sandy Springs with kids that will make you feel hours away from home. There are businesses we never knew existed, top-notch entertainment that we didn’t need to fight traffic to experience, and everything on our itinerary was only a few miles apart. It’s an easy city to navigate and should be on the radar for weekend vacation. 

A few days is all you need to taste Sandy Springs, leaving you wanting more. Some of these things to do in Sandy Springs feel like hidden gems, but they’re in plain sight. These hidden gems pop out once you get off the highway, relax, and stay a bit. 

Coolest Places To Stay In Sandy Springs, Georgia

  • Best Hotel: The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North is newly renovated and refreshed. It’s located in the heart of Sandy Springs and offers a variety of rooms, including suites and on-site dining. 
  • Vacation Rental For Families: The Quiet Treasure is in a residential area of Sandy Springs and offers the amenities of a home. 
  • Budget Hotel: The Sheraton Atlanta Perimeter North has great reviews and is only a few miles from City Springs. 
Westin Perimeter Atlanta in Sandy Springs
The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North is the perfect combination of swanky and comfortable. Photo Credit: Visit Sandy Springs

1. City Springs 

City Springs is a mixed-use development area in Sandy Springs’s heart. The Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center is a 50,000-square-foot facility in City Springs that houses a repertoire of musicals, dramas, and improvisation productions. The theater attracts big-name comedians who opt for the new City Springs venue over the “inside the perimeter” competition. City Springs Theatre Company, in affiliation with the city of Sandy Springs, produces musical theatre productions and arts education programs at the Performing Arts Center. Their seasonal lineup includes family-friendly musicals that are sure to win the hearts of little ones. The regional musical talent is exceptional, and it is a fantastic venue for kids to experience the joy of theater. 

City Springs Center in Sandy Springs, GA
The Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center is part of the City Springs development and a destination for entertainment. Photo Credit: Visit Sandy Springs

2. Chattahoochee River and National Recreation Area

Over the years, the Chattahoochee River has seen all of Atlanta’s history—the good and the bad. What is now a beautiful body of water that offers a little oasis amongst a growing city was once a pivotal area in Civil War history. Today, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Park prides itself on conserving the river, preserving its history, and being a great destination for families. It’s a great spot to ‘shoot the Hooch and go tubing or let the kids earn a Junior Ranger badge. 

Junior Ranger Program Chattahoochee River
The Junior Ranger Program is educational and fun for kids.

3. Morgan Falls Overlook Park

If you want views of the Chattahoochee and a place where the kids can play (and stay dry), head to Morgan Falls Overlook Park. This 30-acre riverside park includes a picnic pavilion, a playground, restrooms, a boat dock, a hiking trail, a fire pit, porch swings, and scenic views. It’s a fantastic playground that’s a cut above the rest, offering unique ways for kids to explore and play. My favorite part of the park is the bench swings overlooking the river. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the afternoon. 

Morgan Falls Park Overlook in Sandy Springs
Find next-level playtime at Morgan Falls Overlook Park.

4. The Splatter Studio

At The Splatter Studio, people of all ages can be creative and find their inner artist. Imagine a blank canvas in front of you as you’re given access to all the different ways you can paint it. Throw, squirt, toss, and splatter paint on your canvas. I promise nobody’s art will be identical, and everyone will walk out with art that’s unique to their personality. Even my toddler loved this activity and was able to participate alongside his older siblings. However, The Splatter Studio isn’t just for kids. It’s perfect for date nights and parties, too.

The Splatter Studio in Sandy Springs
The Splatter Studio unleashes everyone’s creative side.

5. Big Trees Forest Preserve

The John Ripley Forbes Big Trees Forest Preserve is a nature preserve you’d never guess to be in Sandy Springs. Its 30-acre old-growth forest offers a retreat for anyone looking to escape the city and plenty of shade. This urban oasis has a network of trails. The longest trail is the “Back Country Trail,” which measures around .75 miles. Pass by historic areas and native Southern flora as you walk the hilly terrain. 

Big Trees Forest Preserve nature trails.
Walk the trails at Big Trees Forest Preserve. Photo credit: Visit Sandy Springs

6. Dine On International Cuisine 

Sandy Springs is packed full of restaurants. That’s one of the ways it stands out as an Atlanta suburb and beats the other suburban cities nearby. You can find almost any type of cuisine imaginable and independent chef-owned restaurants. Dining out isn’t dull in Sandy Springs. 

For handmade pizzas and a twist on Neopolitan cuisine, head to Sunnyside Pizzeria. It’s a restaurant tucked away in a shopping center where you can watch your pizza being made in a woodfire oven and then indulge in authentic gelato after dinner. Be sure to reserve a table on the weekends. 

Another location serving authentic favorites is Cubanos ATL. Hands down, they have the best Cuban coffee I’ve ever tasted. Their Sandy Springs location is in an adorable tiny home, offering to-go orders to walk-up customers. They only use high-quality ingredients so that you can taste the difference. The Ham and Cheese Croissant on the breakfast menu pairs perfectly with their coffee. 

Cubanos ATL in Sandy Springs
This Ham and Cheese croissant is amazing from Cubanos ATL.

7. Mutation Brewery

Mutation Brewery is a fun, family-friendly microbrewery serving a rotating craft beer selection on tap. Kids (and dogs) are welcome at the brewery. Arcade games, board games, and tables with swings are a few ways the kids stay entertained while parents enjoy a cold one. I love the Water Pong tournament tables, where kids can try their version of the popular college craze Beer Pong. The menu boasts a variety of happy hour favorites, like soft pretzels, tacos, burgers, and nachos. There’s even a secret speakeasy, but you didn’t hear that from me. Mutation Brewery is a Sandy Springs spot you don’t want to miss. 

Mutation Brewery Water Pong Tables
Mutation Brewery offers water pong tables where the kids can play!

Sandy Springs Festivals Worth Traveling For

  • April: The Sandy Springs Lantern Parade is a unique nighttime event where the sky illuminates during the “Take it to the River” Lantern Parade. Groups stroll together with brightly-colored and lighted globes, parasols, hats, and whimsical creatures of every kind to pay tribute to the river and the community on its borders.
  • July: Celebrate the Fourth of July at the Sandy Springs Stars & Stripes Fireworks Celebration at City Springs. Enjoy food trucks, live music, patriotic fun, and fireworks.
  • June: Food That Rocks is Sandy Springs’s signature “taste-of” event, held over three days. This all-inclusive event will provide you with food, wine, beer, and cocktail samples and live music.
  • September: The Blue Stone Arts & Music Festival is a family-friendly event featuring artists, food trucks, and a kids zone.
The Sandy Springs Lantern Parade is amusing for young kids.
The Sandy Springs Lantern Parade is a tradition that locals have come to enjoy every spring season. Photo credit: Visit Sandy Springs.


Friday 5th of April 2024

My husband has family here so we go pretty often!

Kimberly Stroh

Wednesday 10th of April 2024

Your son would love Splatter Paint Studio! You guys have to experience that one. It's fun!

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