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5 Ways Your Preschooler Can Help With Baby

Bringing home a new baby can unveil so many new emotions for older siblings. Preschoolers oftentimes feel lost in the shuffle, as they want to be a part of things but were just babies themselves. Build confidence, let your older child feel appreciated and start forming a sibling bond by asking for their help. There are several easy ways your preschooler can help with baby and I’m sharing how it works in our own home. It’s so sweet to watch your preschooler blossom as an older sibling and really helps with their development.

Having a baby? Here are 5 ways preschoolers can help with a new baby in the house.

My oldest child was three-years-old when my middle child was born. A few years later, we had my third baby, when my middle child was four-years-old. Raising preschoolers when we’ve got a newborn in the house isn’t something new for us. They understand more than toddlers, about the baby’s arrival, but it doesn’t stop the flood of emotions they feel.

Our preschool-aged sons felt lost, a little confused and put aside sometimes. As parents, we never intend to do that to the newborn’s siblings, but we’re overwhelmed by the newborn stage. This is 100% natural and it’s a common struggle that many newborn parents face.

There’s good new though! Enlisting your preschoolers help with baby can be a game changer for the both of you. A little assistance can go a long ways to help your day go smoothly and they’ll be beaming with confidence. It worked on both of my preschoolers when newborns came home and I’m sure it will work again… if we have a fourth baby.

5 Simple Ways Your Preschooler Can Help With Baby

You don’t want to overwhelm your preschooler when it comes to having them help out with your newborn. Make these little tasks feel like a fun opportunity. They’ll respond positively when you start slow and praise them afterwards. That praise is key to success – preschoolers love it because they get that affirmation at school too.

How preschoolers can help with baby in the house

Bedtime Routine Assistance

Our family has always practices the rule of “4 B’s” for baby’s bedtime. We do a bath, book, bottle and bed for our routine. This continues into toddlerhood. Since reading so great for development, I read to my baby and preschooler together. Let them snuggle up and bond with you over a book.

You’re also saving yourself time because you’re reading one book to the two of them, which might actually cut down on your bedtime routine. Allow your preschooler to pick out the book and you can even include books about becoming an older sibling!

Preschoolers can help with reading baby a book

Preschooler Can Help By Bringing Diaper And Wipes

Preschoolers just potty trained within the past year or so themselves. So they look at diaper changes as a taboo thing – something that’s “gross” and funny. It’s going to be a part of their lives though and they’ll get used to watching you change baby’s diaper.

Ask them to bring you the diaper and wipes to help out. I created a diaper caddy that includes everything we need for a change: diaper rash cream, diapers, wipes and even vaseline (for newborn circumcised boys)

By creating a diaper caddy, everything is in one spot. Your preschooler can just pick up the entire caddy and bring it to you without any extra thought or hesitation. This has worked out so well for us!

Preschooler Can Help With Baby During Feeding Time

Even if you’re breastfeeding, you can allow your preschooler to assist. Small things like grabbing your breastfeeding pillow can become a habit for them. As an exclusive pumper, my preschooler would love grabbing a bottle to attach to the pump. I let them sit next to me and even answered their questions about what I was doing. Preschoolers are naturally curious and it’s normal for them to ask questions. They’ll feel included if you give them the time to ask and let them feel like a part of the action.

Ways preschooler can help baby during feedings

Bathtime Help

Bath time has got to be one of the most fun activities to do with your preschooler and newborn. Have your partner get the camera ready, because you’ll want to photograph these special moments (but you’ll probably want both hands available).

Allow your preschooler to help bathe the baby. Ask them about the temperature of the water and what temperature they think is best. Teach them about the process of bathing the baby. Give them their own wash cloth to assist. Show them how you have to be gentle with a baby. All of this is wonderful bonding time and so precious to watch.

Afterwards, when you’re getting the baby dressed, they can help with lotion and massage. I taught my preschooler to bring the lotion and add a little bit to rub in.

When your baby moves to the toddler years, they can even bathe together. I save time by bathing my preschooler together, with my now one-year-old. By teaching your preschooler that they need to be gentle with the baby, really helps them understand how bath time will work and you can make that transition to bathing together.


Let’s be honest – swaddling is hard for most parents. I know you’re preschooler won’t be doing any swaddling and they shouldn’t be. However, they can definitely grab a swaddle blanket for you and assist.

It was really important to us that my preschooler understands they aren’t allowed to give baby a blanket. We made that abundantly clear to the older siblings. Only mommy and daddy can give baby a blanket. We had a big fear of them giving baby a blanket, and putting them at risk of SIDS, when we weren’t nearby.

My preschooler knows that they can get a swaddle blanket for baby, if we asked. We always kept the swaddles in one location, in the nursery, and our preschooler could grab from a folded pile. They could pick out whatever color and pattern of swaddle blanket, then come watch.

If you want to make it even more fun for the preschooler, you can let them swaddle a stuffed animal while you swaddle the baby. They see it’s a way of caring for a baby and doing the same for their stuffed animal feels special.

Helping with baby after bath time

As you develop a routine for your new baby, you’ll find even more ways your preschooler can help. Let them be part of this new stage in your family’s life. Preschoolers love to feel included and there are so many great ways preschooler can help with baby – no matter what your baby’s age is!

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