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5 Genius Orlando Vacation Planning Tools Your Family Should Use

I’ll admit that our family is partial to the Central Florida theme parks, but the city of Orlando has so much more to offer. It’s such a multi-dimensional city with plenty of art, great food and nature. Don’t make the mistake of narrowing your view and missing out of great additions to your family’s vacation itinerary. Widen your perspective and get professional assistance with these 5 Orlando Vacation Planning Tools that you maybe don’t know about yet. The best part? They’re absolutely FREE!

Orlando Vacation Planning Tools


Normal vacations can be planned a few weeks ahead of time, but there are such popular attractions in Orlando that you might want assistance up to six months ahead of time. Restaurants, theme parks and hotels can book up quickly. Plus, with the help of a professional, you can get some insider knowledge about large events happening in town and avoid those dates. 

Whether you’re planning a milestone celebration, a girl’s weekend or a family reunion – there’s always a need for assistance while planning. It doesn’t matter the length of your trip or the amount of people going. So sit back and a relax a little, because Orlando vacation planning just got a bit less stressful.

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5 Orlando Vacation Planning Tools You Should Utilize

The primary source of these tools comes from the travel experts at It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your planning needs. They’ve got everything for the city on one site and (as you’ll read below) all of the information at your fingertips. You can utilize their services prior to your trip and visiting Orlando.

Get Complimentary Personalized Planning Services

If you love concierge-style service, you’re going to love the personalized planning services that Visit Orlando can offer travelers. Launching in late January 2022 and offered all year round, their planning services can give you guidance and advice to build your dream vacation itinerary. They’ll give you the insider knowledge that locals have and some insight on organizing your time in the city.

Simply make an appointment on and a highly trained vacation planner will coordinate a time for a one-on-one appointment to provide personalized insights into everything from accommodations and transportation to dining and entertainment.

Vacation Experts At Visit Orlando


Jump Onto Live Q&A Answer Sessions

Are you a social media maven? If you love live social media chats, check out the Visit Orlando event calendar to jump on one. They offer live chats, regularly, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s a great solution to get a quick answer in real-time without the hassle of sending an email. I recommend blocking off your vacation planning time right before one of their live chats and write down any questions you might have.

Visit Orlando Social Media Chats


Join The Private Visit Orlando Facebook Group

If you’re regularly visiting the city of Orlando, you might want to join the private Visit Orlando Facebook Group. The admin team consists of vacation planning experts to serve your needs. Your social media newsfeeds will occasionally populate with information about visiting the area, giving you new ideas and you can drop a question any time. It’s also a great way to meet similar travelers who might have the similar vacation questions as you.

Scour The Visit Orlando Website For The Top Orlando Vacation Planning Tips

This one is a no-brainer, but something that’s so easy to miss. Regularly check the Visit Orlando website for updated information. The site has their own blog that’s regularly updated, which can give you a different perspective based upon the writer. They’re also updating the site with the latest deals and travel alerts. Get all of the information you need, delivered straight to your inbox, by signing up for their emails.

Download The Visit Orlando App

Everyone should download the Visit Orlando app prior to their vacation. While it’s a great planning tool prior to your vacation, I think it’s an even better tool for real-time usage. You can allow the app to track your location via GPS on your phone, for the best nearby recommended venues. Travelers can also purchase tickets and make dining reservations through the app. It’s an amazing resource to be informed during your travel time.

Visit Orlando App


If you’re staying at a theme park, so many families make the mistake of just planning their trip on that theme park’s website. That’s ok – but you might be missing out on some great Orlando vacation planning tips. Think beyond the property that you’re staying at and get to know what the city of Orlando offers. You’ll realize, like we did, that there’s always a reason to keep coming back!


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