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Magical Express Replacement Transportation Option (That is NOT Uber)

Walt Disney World announced the end of their complimentary Magical Express services from Orlando International Airport and we all mourned. It was an end of an era because it was such a convenient way to start your family vacation. So what is the BEST Magical Express replacement transportation option? It’s The Sunshine Flyer! Skip the hassle of an Uber or Lyft and know you’ll get the concierge service you love when you book Orlando’s newest MCO to theme park bus transportation.

Miss Disney's Magical Express? The Sunshine Flyer is the NEW service that will take guests from Orlando airport to Disney resorts!

When you’re family as a family, it can be stressful. Having transportation lined up when you get off your flight is such a relief. It gives you peace of mind to know that your transportation is already arranged. The last thing I want to do, when I land, is to pull up options on an app. Plus, I don’t have to travel with a carseat if I’m not using Uber or Lyft.

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The Sunshine Flyer: Best Magical Express Replacement

Booking The Sunshine Flyer is incredibly easy for families. The service even adds a magical touch because all of their buses are THEMED (you know you love this just as much as the kids do). It’s a convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation that assists guests from the moment their plane lands.

Magical Express Replacement Transportation

What Is The Sunshine Flyer? How Is It A Magical Express Replacement?

It’s Orlando’s newest airport to theme park transportation service. You can book ahead of your vacation, pay ahead and have concierge transportation when you land. They transport guests (on fun themed buses) from MCO airport to Walt Disney World resorts. Each bus is designed to look like an old-fashioned passenger car or train engine. Even the staff is dressed as 1920s rail conductors and engineers – which gives me Main Street USA vibes.

The buses service all Disney resorts and are complete with a bathroom, USB chargers and three-point seatbelts for the comfort and safety of all guests. Ahead of travel, guests will book their tickets online and receive a QR code they will scan once arriving at Orlando International Airport which will ensure smooth timing and departures to the Resorts. The Sunshine Flyer will begin service from Orlando International Airport on February 1, 2022.

How To Book The Sunshine Flyer Bus Transportation From MCO To Walt Disney World

Tickets for The Sunshine Flyer must be booked online at least four days ahead of arrival. Tickets are $17.00 per adult, $12.50 per child each way for a one-way trip. For a round-trip, the tickets are $34.00 per adult and $25.00 per child. That’s a huge savings costs from the average ride-sharing app.

Guests provide their flight information and hour of arrival. Once you land, you just scan a QR code to alert them of your arrival. This will help to ensure smooth timing.

The Sunshine Flyer in front of Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Where Is The Sunshine Flyer At MCO?

Sunshine Flyer is in the Main Terminal Building on Terminal B, Level 1 in the Ground Transportation area.

Take the train from your aircraft gate and you will arrive on Level 3 of the Main Terminal Building. Proceed to Terminal B and take the elevator or escalator down to Level 1. Baggage claim is located on Level 2. Once you check in at Sunshine Flyer, they will direct you to your motorcoach.

Will Using The Sunshine Flyer Motorcoach Cut Into My Vacation Time?

Nope! When the guest enters the Sunshine Flyer staging area the guest will not wait more than 20 minutes to board the bus, and the ride to the resorts is scheduled so the last stop will not take more than 65 minutes. That’s a wonderful promise – and it might be the shortest bus wait you have for your entire Walt Disney World vacation (if you know you know).

Using The Sunshine Flyer From Your Resort Back To MCO

The day before you check out, you’ll receive a confirmation email advising you of the motorcoach departure time, which will be approximately 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 4 hours prior to your scheduled departure time for international flights.

Cost-effective transportation from MCO to Disney World

I love this transportation option for families who were dependent on The Magical Express for their vacations. In today’s ever-changing world of travel too, they’ve got a great cancelation policy. The Sunshine Flyer will offer a full refund if cancelled 72 hours in advance, full credit towards future tickets if cancelled under 72 hours. From beginning to end, this is the stress-free option for families who want to start their Disney vacation right.

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