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Kids Lightsaber Building At Disney World (That’s Not $200)

Everyone who is a Star Wars fan wants to build a lightsaber when they’re at Disney World. Why not? It’s an extremely cool souvenir no matter what your age is. Disney has even taken the lightsabers to the next level with the Savi’s Workshop experience at Galaxy’s Edge. But what if your kid wants one but you don’t want to fork out $200? I’ve got all of the information you need to know about Kids Lightsaber Building at Walt Disney World that won’t break the bank, but your Padawan will leave happy.

Where to build a lightsaber for kids, at Disney World, that's NOT $200 in Galaxy's Edge.

Fair warning, if you haven’t been recently to Disney World, there are Star Wars fans every across the parks that carry their lightsabers. The highest concentration of guests wielding lightsabers will be at Hollywood Studios where Galaxy’s Edge is located.

It’s the most recent park expansion that features everything fans could imagine from the famous films – like Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run rides. While I love the shops, tastes and experiences that Galaxy’s Edge has to offer, it’s a money-sucker for parents.

Your child can still build a lightsaber, like they do in Galaxy’s Edge, but for FAR less money and I’m sharing the details so you can save *some* money on your Disney World Vacation.

How Kids Can Build A Lightsaber At Disney World

The secret spot is NOT in Galaxy’s Edge. That’s right – there’s still Star Wars experiences outside of Galaxy’s Edge inside of Hollywood Studios park. Kids can build a lightsaber at Star Tours®- The Adventure Continues.

Star Wars custom lightsaber at Disney World

Where Do Kids Build A Lightsaber in Hollywood Studios?

At the end of Star Tours, the queue dumps into a gift shop. That’s very common in a lot of Walt Disney World rides, as that’s where they sell merchandise that pertains to the ride. Here’s the thing though – you DON’T need to ride Star Tours to shop in the gift shop. You can enter the gift shop without standing in line.

What Type Of Lightsaber It Is

Unlike Savi’s Workshop, the light saber won’t have metal pieces or breakable glass. That’s a good thing and what keeps the cost down. This kids light saber build is entirely plastic pieces. What’s great is that the kids can still build it themselves.

The plastic parts of the light saber are entirely modular. A Cast Member is working the station and can help assist your child to build the lightsaber correctly. The pieces that your child picks will determine the cost. However, there’s only sight differences – the plastic kids lightsabers will cost around $40 each.

Cast Members are also great about sharing film information regarding the type of lightsaber your child is building. If they want to build a saber like their favorite character, it’s possible!

Your child will feel like they’ve done the same build, like at Savi’s Workshop, but without the price tag or breakable pieces. For our family, this is wonderful because my kids already watched Dad build his at Savi’s. They wanted the experiences, but we didn’t want the price tag for a 4-year-old to build one.

Putting together pieces of lightsaber

Lightsaber Building At Disney Springs

Occasionally, there’s a more abbreviated version of the kids lightsaber building at Disney Springs. This is Walt Disney World’s restaurant, shopping and entertainment district. What’s great about this location is that no park ticket is required.

There are two Star Wars stores on either end of Disney Springs: Star Wars Galactic Outpost and Star Wars Trading Post. It’s hit or miss whether Disney allows the lightsaber building at those locations. Sometimes it’s temporarily not offered. However, they always have pre-built lightsabers to buy and they’re great shopping locations for fans of the film.

Kids Lightsaber building at Walt Disney World Resort

This is the lightsaber building experience to anyone who is traveling with young kids. Savi’s Workshop is great, but it’s pricey for a child who can’t understand the $200 value yet. I promise that your Padawan will be just as happy with their lightsaber and your wallet with thank you.

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