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11 Gym Bag Essentials For Her: Never Home Without These

Gym Bag Essentials For Her

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Some people may call me a gym rat, but there’s no better feeling than getting my workout in every day. It’s a little slice of “me” time that I carve out of my day. I feel energized and focused when I’m done and that’s what keeps me motivated to keep up the routine. Since I’ve got years of gym time under my belt, I’ve learned a few things & these are my gym bag essentials that I can’t live without!

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11 Gym Bag Essentials For Her

Below are my non-negotiable items that are always in my gym bag. I love buying a few extra of each item, so I can replenish my bag without much hassle. One common thread between all of these items is the ability to be portable. Gym bag essentials are all about being great “on-the-go” solutions. 

Be Prepared From Beginning To End

When you’re packing your gym bag, it’s important to think about what you’ll need before your workout, during and afterwards. That way you’ll be prepared for every scenario.

My favorite ending to any workout is a great snack to refuel my body. I love a satisfying snack that’s a mix of protein and carbs to help replenish nutrients my body burned through. One of the best snack options I’ve found is NEW Windstone Farms Creamy Peanut Butter Portable Packets. I pair the packets with crackers or sliced raw apple. 

Windstone Farms Portable Peanut Butter, Windstone Farms Peanut Butter

Each box comes with individual servings (1.15oz squeezable packets) of delicious and creamy peanut butter. It’s got a great depth of nutty flavor, while offering 7g of protein per packet. It’s travel-friendly and a great tasting option to keep in your gym bag. 

Windstone Farms Portable Peanut Butter, Windstone Farms Peanut Butter

You can grab all of your gym bag essentials at Walmart – Windstone Farms Peanut Butter is available at Walmart. I love using their convenient grocery pick up option as well. 

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Never Leave Home Without These Gym Bag Essentials


No matter what time of the day you workout, don’t forget to pack your workout clothes or dry clean clothes. If you workout on your lunch break or you workout before work, you’ll want the change of clothes. 

Don’t forget the extra undergarments, socks, and bra.  They’re most important and I think they’re the easiest to forget about. 


You’ll need these for taking a shower or any other personal reason. Don’t forget to pack some feminine hygiene products as well. If you’re not planning to wash your hair, a shower cap is handy to have too.


Deodorant is a total gym bag essential that I never want to forget. I prefer to use a spray, so that it’s quick and easy to re-fresh on the go. 


Body wipes are a great solution for when you’re tight on time and need to forgo the shower. It’s going to happen eventually. They’re great in a pinch and perfect after a quick sweat session. They’ve grown in popularity over the years and you’ll feel better using them than forgetting them.


If you packed that shower cap I mentioned above, you might want to pack dry shampoo as well. It helps absorb the oil and sweat at your roots after a workout, leaving you with manageable locks. 


Music makes my workout. I can’t get motivated without the tunes pumping. Headphones are definitely a priority for many of my workouts. I love that there are great portable options that are small for your gym bag. I’ve gone wireless and it’s been life-changing!


I’m always prepared with snacks – wherever I go. It just seems that this is a non-negotiable and one of my favorite gym bag essentials. It’s just great to have a snack to look forward to after your workout as well. My portable Windstone Farms Peanut Butter + A Carb = BLISS. 

To go along with your snack, don’t forget a water bottle. I like to bring one that I can re-fill. I’ll fill it up during my workout and afterwards, so I can enjoy it alongside my snack.


Many gyms require that you bring along your own lock to protect your belongings in the locker room.


This may be the marathon runner in me, but there are some great anti-chaffing products out there that I can’t live without. It prevents any friction that might cause skin irritation. It really helps me go the distance without bother. 


I bring my own anti-bacterial wipes. Buying a travel size doesn’t take up much room and it’s great to wipe down the equipment before and after using it. Germs are plentiful at the gym and I don’t want to take any home!


Speaking of germs, one of the places they love to hang out is on the gym’s yoga mats. I bring my own yoga mat (you can certainly use a towel too) and it gives me peace of mind that I’m only lying somewhere no one else has been. 

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Windstone Farms Portable Peanut Butter, Windstone Farms Peanut Butter



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