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10 Cute Apple Watch Bands For Runners, Fitness Fans & The Gym

So you’ve got an Apple Watch? It’s one of my favorite gifts that I’ve ever owned. My Husband bought me an Apple Watch and I thought I’d never need it. Now, I can’t imagine my life without it! I wear my Apple Watch every single day and it’s become a part of my routine. Along with wearing it daily, I didn’t want to wear the same bad every day. I love to mix it up with these cute Apple Watch Bands that can take me from the gym to work – matching my sense of style and outfit.

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I wear my Apple Watch to help me meet my daily fitness goals. It’s a quick reminder that I can look at my watch to check my activity, calories burned and whether I’ve met my stand goal. Since I’m wearing it beyond a fitness tracker, and also using it as a daily watch, It’s on almost 24/7! 

I’ve invested in a few different cute Apple Watch Bands that go with several outfits. They’ve got to function with my workout and match my outfit. Check out a few of my favorite ones below. 

Apple Watch Tips, Apple Watch Designs, Apple Watch For Runners

How To Change Your Apple Watch Band

On the back of the watch, there is a center release button. Hold down the center release button, then slide the band across to remove. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to get the job done. If it doesn’t slide out right away, press the release button again to ensure that you’re firmly pressing it down. When you decide to change your Apple Watch band, you just slide in the new band until you feel it click into place. I change one side at a time, so I know it’s set up exactly how I want it (no matter what band I am currently using).

How To Tighten Your Apple Watch Band

Depending on the type of watch band that you use, will determine how you tighten your Apple Watch band. If you’re wearing a silicone style band (which is most popular for sports) you’ll tighten it using the hole method. For the stainless steel mesh strap style:

  1. On the adjustable buckle, open the top clasp.
  2. Place a flathead screwdriver or spring bar tool in the square slot. …
  3. Slide the adjustable buckle to the desired position (make sure the clasp is set in one of the indentations on the back of the band).
  4. Close the piece with the square slot and press it down toward the strap.

You want your watch band to be comfortable but close to the skin. This will help the accuracy of important readings for your fitness progress – like your heart rate.


10 Cute Apple Watch Bands For Your Collection

Kaome Floral Bands – Amazon

Compatible with 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm – this plaid band comes in multiple cute colors and even floral patterns. It’s a silicone material and, available via PRIME and it’s less than $9!

Plaid band, plaid watch band, amazon plaid watch band

ADWLOF Compatible Watch Bands – Amazon

Compatible with band sizes from 38 -44mm, these mesh-style strap comes in an array of colors. I love this colorful mesh band strap with comes with a rose gold protector for your watch.

Apple Accessories, Apple Band, Watch Band

Kate Spade Black Silicone Strap – Amazon

If you’re a big fan of the feminine Kate Spade designs, this black watch band has the cute scallop sides. The black is a great versatile color. I feel like everyone needs to own a solid band color too. 

Black Watch, Black Watch Band, Amazon Watches

Scrunchie Style Elastic Wrist Bracelet Band – Amazon

Did you know that scrunchies are coming back in style? I just learned this! The tween and teen girls LOVE their scrunchies and brought them back in style. This watch band isn’t the best for a long sweaty run, but I love it for light training days – like yoga or ab work – where you might not sweat as much.

Scrunchies, Scrunchies Bracelet, Scrunchies watch band

OriBear Bands Pack Of 6 – Amazon

For less than $25, grab a six pack of these sporty watch bands from Amazon. They’re a silicone-style and you can switch them out for your favorite colors.

Watch Bad Set, Sporty Watch Bands From Amazon

Lilly Pulitzer Apple Watch Band – Amazon

New for the holiday 2019 season, these Lilly Pulitzer designs have been a huge hit since their debut. They’re compatible with series 1- 4 and come in three different cute designs. The vegan leather band is resistant to wear and stays comfortable while exercising. 

Lilly Pulitzer Accessories, Lilly Watch Band, Lilly Pulitzer Designs, Lilly Pulitzer Watch

Posh Tech Rose Gold Band – Nordstrom

This is a silicone band design that mixes a bit of hardware for an accent. It’s too much to do an all over hardware band while working out, but this one is a nice little touch of hardware. 

Silicone Watch Band With Hardware Details

Kate Spade Watch Band – Zappos

Here’s another really cute design by Kate Spade! It has a traditional clasp, which is nice if you don’t like the hole method of tightening your Apple Watch band.

Kate Spade Accessories, Kate Spade Designs

Two Pack Scarf Band Set – Nordstrom

This set is adorable! Once again, I prefer to wear something like this for light activity that avoids heavy sweating. The scarf design is cute and unique. It works with Apple Watch series 1 – 5.

Scarf Band For Watch, Smart Watch Band, Silk Scarf Watch Band

TheWatchBand Portfolio – Apple

Ok – so this isn’t technically a band, but now that you’ve looked at some awesome band, hopefully you’ll have a nice collection started. This portable travel case for your Apple Watch Bands will keep everything organized when you’re traveling and still want to change the band.

Apple Watch Band Case, Travel Case For Apple Watch Bands



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