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Free Printable Pop It Valentine’s Day Cards

Do your kids love the little Pop It toys? My boys love the little fidget toys! If your little one can’t get enough Pop It action, grab your FREE Printable Pop It Valentine’s Day Cards in this PDF download. These are perfect to bring into a class for an exchange and easy to print from home. Plus, if you want to get fancy, add an actual Pop It toy to the Valentine as a candy substitute.

I love holidays and Valentines Day is always fun, but it seems like we just moved on from the holiday season – so I like to keep it simple without spending much money. Purchasing Valentines Day cards is such a racket. These are such a cuter way to save money and much more unique!

Plus, it saves me a trip to the store and I have less to worry about. Holidays should be fun and not stressful at all. I like to have the Valentine Cards prepped the week before and ready to go. Just have your kids help with cutting the cards and signing. So easy!

I also love the cute addition of adding a Pop It Toy Keychain to these cards. You can buy them in bulk, on Amazon, for around $16. It’s better than candy, in my opinion.

Looking for even more ideas to celebrate Valentines Day? I love these favorite printables, boxes and recipes! Make your V-day easy:

How To Print Your Pop It Valentine’s Day Cards

Anyone can print these out, but there’s a *better* way to do it. I suggest using heavy white card stock paper in your printer. The heavier paper will help the cards be more durable. They’ll have to make it to school, be passed around or shoved into a Valentine’s Day Box!

Printable Pop It Valentine's Day Cards for kids
These printable Pop It Valentines are super cute for kids!

Materials Needed:

How To Print Your Pop It Valentine Cards

Download the PDF below. You can bookmark this page to easily find it again, or save the PDF to your computer. Check your printer setting to ensure you’re printing in color and look at the print preview. Print the valentines on card stock.

Cute Pop It Valentines

Use scissors to the cut the individual cards out. If you want to add a touch of creativity, attach a Pop It Keychain Toy to each card via the hole punch! Have your child sign their name and that’s it! It’s such a cute and fun valentine for kids. There are two different designs total.


Kids cards for valentines day

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