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Free Printable Disney Movie Marathon List

Printable Disney Movie Marathon List

Is there anything better than relaxing on the couch with your family and watching a fun movie? I don’t think so! We love to pop some popcorn and make it into an event for the kids. This Disney Movie Marathon List is a complete bucket list of Disney movies that your family can watch together.

I’ve included classics, like Snow White, and Pixar favorites like Toy Story. There are even some lost and forgotten Disney movies, like Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It’ll be a blast from the past to watch with your kids and they’ll see Disney movie history.

The best part is that you can print it for FREE! Check off the movies that you’ve watched and plan the ones that you want to see next. You’ll have your movie downloads ready to go and the kids will love working their way through the list. It’s a fun challenge and it can be a bonding experience.

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Print Your Disney Movie Marathon List

Use the link below to open the PDF file of the movie list and print it out. I suggest placing it on your fridge or in a place that the kids can help check off each title. Laminating the list will help it last longer as well.

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Tips For a Family Movie Night

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Pick a Time – Make it a date and make sure the whole family can join. If you’ve got teens, make sure that they are included as well. It’s about the whole family spending time together. I think it’s best if cell phones are off too.

Let the Kids Pick – Rotate letting each child pick out the movie that they want to watch. It’s such a big list, so everyone will get multiple chances.

Theme Your Food – If you want to get fancy, theme some snacks. Swedish Fish are fun for Finding Dory, make homemade popsicles for Frozen or let the kids drink tea for Alice in Wonderland. You can make it as creative as you want. The kids will love helping you in the kitchen before the movie.

Create a Comfortable Space – Pick a spot in the house where everyone can be comfortable. Plan a pillow fortress on the floor or purchase some kid sized bean bags. Snack trays make it easier to eat on the floor too. The idea is to make it a special event that the whole family will love.

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Have fun planning your Disney movie nights. I hope it becomes a weekly tradition that is fun for your whole family. If you’ve got toddler and you’re introducing them to movies, check out my tips for introducing your toddler to movies!

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