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BEST First Holy Communion Banner Designs (That Kids Can Do)

When 2nd graders are making their First Holy Communion, it’s such a special time, but it’s also a tad bit overwhelming. I remember sitting in the parent meetings and thinking about how much we had to complete by spring. One of those items? The First Holy Communion Banner.

Easy First Holy Communion Banner designs that kids can make by themselves!

If you’re stressing over the banner, I’ve got you covered. It’s supposed to be a fun banner that helps to decorate the church, represent your family and (most importantly) a design that your child can do on their own. Check out these First Holy Communion Banner designs for inspiration.

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Tips For Creating Your First Holy Communion Banner

There’s no wrong way to make your family’s banner! Let it be a passion project. There’s something your child has learned in their faith formation classes that will resonate with them. Obviously, the theme will be the Eucharist.

Whatever inspires your child the most, should be the theme you pick for your banner design. Encourage your child to stick with religious theming. Now isn’t the time for dinosaurs or unicorns.

How To Decorate A First Communion Banner:

  • Use Different Design Elements: Gather ribbon, markers, paints and colorful pieces of felt to use on your banner. I love the bright banners for springtime!
  • Be Inspired By Readings: If your child has a favorite reading that they want to incorporate, you can use the Bible verse in your banner.
  • Make Sure Your Banner Can Hang: Most parishes provide a wooden dowel for the kids to use and ribbon for hanging the banner. Typically, the banners are used on the pew sides to decorate the church aisle.
  • Let Your Kid’s Personality Shine Through: Use their favorite colors or design elements, but still be respectful to the sacrament.
  • Help Your Child As Needed: I like to let my child design the banner, but help with elements that need a hot glue gun.

Best First Holy Communion Banner Designs Any Kid Can Make

Felt design banner for church
I love the use of lace and the darker navy blue color of this banner!
Girly banner for church
The feminine touches on this First Communion Banner is adorable.
Family banner for church
Adding grapes and the host on your design is classic for First Communion.
First Holy Communion Banner Design
3d touches are a great way to add dimension.
Classic Communion Banner for kids.
Keep it simple for kids to make their own banner.
First holy Communion preparation banner.
Fancy name font will help your banner stand out.
Cute First Communion Banner.
The pearls are a cute touch to this girl’s First Communion Banner.
Communion family banner
Window panes reflect the church design.
Girl Communion Banner
Sequins are a fun way to add reflective touches to your banner.
Adding the host to your banner.
Grapes and the host are going to be the most popular themes.
First Holy Communion Banner
Flames are a great way to represent the Holy Spirit on your First Holy Communion Banner.
Quotes on communion banner.
Simple is best when your child is overwhelmed by designing a banner.
First holy communion banner.
Stained glass reflects the church and looks beautiful!
Felt designed first holy communion banner.
This family added the edging on the bottom for a unique look.
Using favorite colors on the banner.
Let your kid use their favorite colors to design the banner.
Girls banner for first communion.
Wheat is another design addition to represent the bread of Christ.
springtime communion banner.
Ribbons and fabric helped to bring this banner to life.
Simple first communion banner.
Use your family name or your child’s first name!
Stained glass first communion banner.
Make your banner as colorful as possible!

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