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Dapper Day Weekend Guide: Everything You Need to Know

For those looking to “step out in style this weekend at Walt Disney World, here is everything you need to know about Dapper Day Weekend. It’s one of the most popular events that grown over the years. Guests love flocking to Disney Parks and showcasing some retro style. I’ve got your complete guide if you’re a newbie!

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Everything You Need To Know About Dapper Day Weekend

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What is Dapper Day?

Dapper Day appeals to Disney fans, although it is not exclusively Disney. It’s an organization that was founded in 2011. The aim of the organization is to arrange group outings and social events where participants can step out in style. The focus on refined style, particularly classic styles dating back to the first half of the 20th century, is what Dapper Day has become known for, although they also encourage chic contemporary looks and military uniforms if you are an active or retired officer.

While Dapper Days organizes events at museums, concert halls, and the like, they are best known for their organized events at the Disney parks.

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Dapper Day in Disney Parks

Dapper Day is a big event that happens twice a year at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. At Disneyland, Dapper Day is one day, but there are specially priced convention tickets for the parks and group rates on hotel rooms. Although the participating hotels may not be Disney owned, they do have some high demand rooms reserved for savvy followers at the Disneyland resort. This past November, Dapper Days held their Fall Disneyland event and offered group rates on rooms at The Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, Disneyland Hotel, and Paradise Pier Hotel as well as off property rooms at the Anaheim HO JO Inn.

Dapper Day features a Dapper Day Marketplace in the Disneyland Hotel Expo Hall, where vintage and contemporary clothes and accessories are sold along with new collections, official Dapper Day merchandise, beauty products, and more. They present similar merchandise this weekend at the Walt Disney World event (usually at Disney Springs).

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At Walt Disney World, Dapper Day takes over several weekend with designated parks that they meet at. If you missed an event, be sure to follow for future info on Dapper Days.

Disney Parks are a popular choice for fashion enthusiasts who want to bring back the level of refinement of years passed. Back in the days when Disneyland first opened, people, dressed up to go out. This had nothing to do with Disneyland’s Dress Code. It’s just what people did. Dapper Days is a way for Disney park guests to elevate the experience and bring back that sense of refinement and propriety.

Disneyland Dress Code

Disneyland’s website recommends comfortable clothes and good walking shoes. They say nothing about what anybody must wear, only what Disney prohibits. Those articles made the list for safety purposes and to remain family-friendly. They have nothing to do with style. Part of the Disney parks dress code refers to costumes. It’s important to note that Dapper Days is not a costume or cosplay event. It’s a concerted effort to “step out in style” that style’s theme is even open to the interpretation of participants. As for costumes, one can easily incorporate Disney Bounding into a Dapper Day event, just don’t confuse the two as being one-in-the-same.

The rules for how to dress at Disney Parks are pretty lax. For example, rather than say they require shoes on feet, the dress code simply says no bare feet. Also, prohibited clothing includes excessively torn clothes or clothes that expose too much skin. Both of these guidelines are subject to interpretation. Objectionable language and offensive graphics are prohibited too, but again, T-shirts used to be underwear 65 years ago. What is objectionable or offensive is always a moving target. The difference in how park guests present themselves today is one reason Dapper Days is so appealing to many Disney park fans.

Dapper Day, Dapper Day at Disney World, What is Dapper Day, Dapper Day Weekend

Dining Discounts At Dapper Day Weekend

When you’re planning your trip to Dapper Day Weekend, make sure you call ahead to Disney to ask about discounts or check the Dapper Day website. Many Disneyland Downtown Disney and Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs area offers discounted dining options. These are some past examples of what’s been offered at Dapper Day Weekend.

25% Discounts

Enzo’s Hideaway and Maria & Enzo offer a 25% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases.

20% Discounts

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ and House of Blues both offer a discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages. Paddlefish, Pizza Ponte, and Terralina Crafted Italian extend the same offer. Splitsville Luxury Lanes offers the same 20% off discount as well and extends the offer to include walk-in bowling.

Other locations to offer a 20% discount include Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company, which excludes alcohol but includes complimentary custom latte art. Haagen-Dazs offers 20% off on all shakes, Dazzlers, and waffle cones or bowls.

15% Discounts

Planet Hollywood is allowing Dapper Days participants to skip the line and enjoy in addition to a 15% discount that includes alcohol.

10% Discounts

The only place other than Planet Hollywood to offer a discount that includes alcohol is Frontera Cocina. Excluding alcohol, other dining locations with a 10% discount on food and beverages are Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza, The Edison, Morimoto Asia, and Paradiso 37. Sprinkles, the cupcake place famous for its cupcake vending machine, also offers a 10% discount for Dapper Days.

Compliments and other Offers

Ghirardelli is offering a complimentary chocolate bar with sundae purchase. Jaleo by Jose Andres has a limited offer allowing one person per day to enjoy a complimentary tapas (up to $12 value) or Sangria Roja with the purchase of a tapas equal in value or higher. Planet Hollywood has an additional offer, but you can’t use it with the 15% noted above. The secondary offer is for a $5 craft beer at the Stargazers Bar.

The Polite Pig and Rainforest Cafe both offer complimentary chef’s appetizers with purchase as does T-Rex. The purchase must be an adult entree, and the offer is limited to one per table. STK Orlando offers a complimentary Wagyu slider with entree purchase, and Wolfgang Puck has complimentary Wolfgang Puck wine with an entree. If you purchase two food items at Wetzel’s Pretzels, you’ll receive a complimentary fountain drink. Wine Bar George has a limited buy one get one offer for tap wine up to $9 in value. The offer is good once per person per badge and requires a food purchase.

Disney Springs Dapper Day, Dapper Day Discounts, Disney Springs at Disney World

Group Rates and other Discounts

Disney Springs stores are offering Dapper Days Discounts as well, and park admissions are available at convention rates. You may still be able to book a special rate on a room as well. Call WDW Group Reservations 407-939-4686 Option 3 then 1 (M-F 8:30a-6p and Sat-Sun 8:30a-5p EST). The following hotels have a group rate, but might be already booked.

Value Disney Resorts:


Moderate Disney Resorts:

  • PORT ORLEANS RESORT (Riverside and French Quarter)

Deluxe Disney Resorts:



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