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5 Genius Ways To Keep Your Baby Cool At Disney World (Toddlers Too!)

For almost ten months of the year (excluding January and February), the Orlando area can have brutally hot days. Don’t let hot weather hold you back from booking your Disney Parks vacation. If you go prepared, you can keep your littles ones comfortable in the heat. I’ve rounded up genius ways to keep your baby cool at Disney World, so everyone will be a happy camper and you can enjoy your vacation.

Bringing your baby to Walt Disney World? Here are 5 ways to keep them cool on vacation!

We took our six-month-old to Disney World in July and still had a fantastic vacation. Had I not packed some essentials and planned our daily itinerary around his needs, we probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. Babies are just like us, and even more sensitive to the heat. My little guy definitely made it known to us when he was uncomfortable due to the heat.

Babies can easily develop a heat rash and become dehydrated. It’s important to keep your baby safe and healthy on your family trip, so you don’t end up in urgent care.

5 Ways To Keep Your Baby Cool At Disney World (Toddlers Too!)

Of course, you’ll need to travel with a safe sunscreen for babies. I always pack in it in my park bag so I can reapply throughout the day. Along with sunscreen, I’m always focusing on keeping our baby safe in the parks. Avoiding too much sun exposure is crucial and working to keep their core temperature cool.

Purchase A Stroller Fan

We love using a covered umbrella stroller for Disney Parks. We pick the Maclaren stroller brand which has a sunshade build into it and it’s covered as well. Attached to the stroller, we add a stroller fan. You can purchase one with a flexible tripod or a clip-on. Double check if it needs batteries, and what type, before you pack for vacation. It’s awful when you need to take time out of your trip to purchase basics that could’ve been done at home.

purchase a stroller fan for Disney World

Always Pack Extra Hydration

Prior to your vacation, get your baby used to drinking water from a sippy cup or with a straw. Check with your Pediatrician, but most recommend to start sips of water at six-months-old. About one month prior to our family vacation, we started introducing our little one to the sippy cup we planned to bring on vacation. It worked like a charm!

Inside our park bag, we packed the sippy cup with ice. It’s great to have a cup on hand that they’re used to – especially if they don’t sip from straws yet. Mimicking what they’re familiar with will help them drink more.

All quick service food locations, inside the parks, offer free ice water. I always order some, even if we’re purchasing something else, just to keep our party hydrated.

Bring A Sun Hat

This SwimZip Kid’s Sun Hat can be purchased from Amazon and has a 4.5-star rating with over 5k reviews! We purchased it and I love it. It comes in both infant and toddler sizing. It has adjustable straps and an emergency break-off clasp to prevent strangulation. 

When you’re waiting on outdoor ride lines, especially at Magic Kingdom where there’s less shade, you’ll want to ensure your baby isn’t at risk of too much sun exposure on their face. The sun hat keeps them cool and reflects sun off of them. Sometimes sunscreen is hard to apply on little faces, so a sun hat is an extra source of protection.

Best infant sunhat for Disney Parks

Hit The Pools To Keep Baby Cool At Disney World

Before our afternoon nap, I always take the kids to the resort pools. It’s a great way to splash around and cool off from the heat. If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World resort, they provide lifejackets that are small enough for toddlers. However, infant floatation devices aren’t available.

Many resorts have zero-entry locations in the pools and splash pad areas. They’re great for little ones that just want to sit in the water. 

Alter your vacation itinerary to travel with baby

Alter Your Vacation Itinerary For The Heat

One of the biggest mistakes families make is planning too much in their day. I know everyone wants to make the most of their park tickets, but it’s almost impossible to do everything. I always like to save things for the next trip anyways, it’s part of the Disney fun.

Instead, try to space your day to give yourself a break. This is great advice for any guest, but especially for those traveling with young children. Start your day in the early morning, before the heat sets in. Aim for little breaks in the air-conditioned areas, like shops and restaurants.

Come back to your resort, in the afternoon, for a longer break and your child’s nap time. After you’re refreshed, you can head back to the parks for the evening. If you park hop, you can do so after 2pm (that’s a post Covid rule with the new reservation system).

Another easy way to adjust your trip itinerary is to book dining reservations for inside restaurants with air conditioning. Even booking one meal that’s inside, per day, can make all the difference. You’ll leave feeling far more refreshing than dining outside.

Lastly, one of my favorite things to do is shop with a baby at Disney World. During their nap time, I’ll keep my little one cool by perusing the shops. You’re inside and escaping the heat. Many stores connect and you can just keep strolling inside of the stores instead of outside in the sun.

Reclined and Covered Maclaren Baby Umbrella Stroller


Remember to be patient when you’re visiting Disney World with a baby. I promise that it’s worth it, but you’ll definitely have to adjust and go at a slower pace. You’ll have so many great memories and photos to bring home. That’s what made it one of my favorite vacation memories.

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