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The Best Hacks for Runner’s Problems

We’ve already established, runners can be bizarre. Sometimes the things we do may look strange to non-runners, but totally works for us! Some of the best tips I’ve learned, as a runner, come from other runners. It usually starts with a nagging issue that I bring up before a group run. Then someone brilliantly teaches me an awesome trick to solve my problem. Runners are pretty cool like that.

Hacks for Runner's Problems

I’ve rounded up all of the weird, but effective, hacks for runner’s problems. They may not be normal, or doctor recommended, but these are tried and true ways to beat those pesky little issues. From runner to runner, these little secrets have worked for me!

 Prevent Heel Blisters

If you’re prone to heel blisters and bandaids always fall off, try using Duct Tape on your heels. It’s supposed to do the same thing as a bandage, but won’t slip off easily. Just be sure you don’t have overly sensitive skin before attempting this one. Bonus: use duct tape to water proof your shoes too!

Runner's Hacks


Dry Your Shoes Quickly

After a rainy training session, scrunch up newspapers and place them in your shoes overnight. They’ll dry quickly and let you use your shoes again the next day.

Runner Hacks


Prevent Cramps

Probably the most bizarre tip I’ve ever learned, place a bar of soap under your sheets at night to prevent cramps. Obviously, hydration is superior and most important. But runners swear this helps too. HERE is an article on it. My  theory? It can’t hurt and your bed will smell great!

Customize Your Shoes

There are some unique ways you can tie your shoe laces to customize the fit of your shoes. Each way helps with a different runner’s issue. New Balance has an awesome tutorial on their blog.

Prevent Chafing

Don’t have any fancy anti-friction products on hand? Use your deodorant to prevent chafing. Rub it on all the usual places where you have friction while running.

Secure Your Keys

Don’t have any pockets? Secure your keys into your shoe laces if you have no other option. Just take all of the excess off your key ring and keep the valuables on you.


Prevent Side a Stitch

Nothing is worse than having a side cramp mid-run. Try grabbing your side, pinching the area that hurts and bending over. It works for me every time.

Run Through a Rough Patch

A running coach once taught me to smile when it gets tough. Smiling makes you feel more positive and it’ll help you push through that tough patch.

Get Rid of Stinky Runner’s Feet

Soak your feet in iced tea after your run for 10 minutes. It can be any herbal tea. The tea helps remove bacteria on your skin that causes the smell. Now tea does more than hydrate post-run!


Photo credit: Hugo y Charli via / CCBY

 Do you have any odd things that you do as a runner? Or a running hack that you swear by?

Sue Allegretti

Tuesday 25th of October 2016

Love your tips. I never thought of using duct tape to prevent blisters. Can your stinky feet remedy work on stinky lacrosse players hands?

Kimberly Stroh

Tuesday 25th of October 2016

I would try it! It's natural, so it can't hurt after a practice!


Friday 7th of October 2016

Heel blisters are the worst and they are so painful. Even though I am not a runner, I am going to use these tips when I am trying to break in new shoes.


Thursday 6th of October 2016

The soap for cramps sounds crazy but awesome! I might try the tea foot soak even though I don't run, my feet sometimes are stinky!


Wednesday 5th of October 2016

Those are awesome tips! And a run reminder how special runners are :) Changing up how I lace my shoes has helped me so much over the years! I also wear Injinji tow socks to help prevent blisters, and it has helped me tons too!

Dana Vento

Wednesday 5th of October 2016

That's brilliant tips! I have a friend who was a runner, this might help her. I would love to share this to her.

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