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13 Noon Years Eve Party Ideas For Families

Ah – remember the good ole days of celebrating New Years Eve into the early morning hours, before having kids? Me too. While I fondly remember those days, they’re long behind me. We love to celebrate New Years Eve as a family and the kids want to participate too. Since kids can’t stay up to midnight, try these fun Noon Years Eve party ideas – and count down to 12pm instead of am!

Throw an unforgettable New Years Eve kids celebration with a "Noon Years Eve" Party theme! Here's all of the ideas you need in one spot.

I love the idea of doing a family-friendly New Years Eve celebration in a way that kids can understand. Kids are aware that there’s a countdown and that’s what is most important to them. They want to feel the rush and excitement that comes along with the countdown.

The fun about Noon Years Eve is creating that same hype, for the kids, without the unreasonable hour. In all honestly, I’ve grown to love it just as much as them. Invite some cousins or neighborhood kids over and turn it into a real party. These fun games, recipes and party supplies, are the perfect way to research your Noon Years Eve party ideas.

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13 Noon Years Eve Party Ideas For Families

Create an exciting New Years Eve celebration for kids, with these fun "Noon Years Eve" party ideas that'll let them ring in the year at 12pm, instead of am.

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