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How To Make & Send A Digital Christmas Card

One of the hottest trends for the holiday season is sending a Digital Christmas Card. They’re so easy to make and send – you don’t have to be techie to know how. They’re cute, you can customize them and they’re eco-friendly. Plus, these cards only take a few minutes to put together. This alternative to traditional holiday cards is something we hope sticks around!

How to create, personalize and send your family's digital Christmas card.

Digital Christmas Cards became popular as families became increasingly more busy. At the same time, families are more conscious about their environmental choices. The combination of these two occurrences led to the creative invention of going digital.

If you’re wondering whether to send a traditional Christmas card vs. digital, here are some downsides to the paper type we grew up with:

  • Takes a few weeks to personalize
  • Cost prohibitive to customize
  • Needs postage
  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Have to be mailed out several weeks prior to Christmas
  • Families feel guilty about tossing them and there aren’t many ways to repurpose them

If you’re ready to take the plunge, I’ve got you covered with some cute digital holiday cards. I promise that they’ll still be appreciated and can reflect your family’s personality.

I’ve got so many great ideas to make your family’s holiday season easy. Here are a few of my most popular Christmas printables:

How To Create & Send A Digital Christmas Card

I’m a procrastinator, so I love that going digital means I can send it anytime – like an email. You can send your Christmas cards a few weeks before the holidays, on Christmas Day or just use it to announce on social media. One of the biggest benefits to this route is the flexibility. Who needs more to do during December?

Step 1: Take Your Family Photo

Just like a traditional card, you’ll need a family photo. I promise this is going to be the hardest part of sending your card. The rest is super easy. Good luck getting your kids to look at the camera at the same time. You’ll want a digital .jpeg version uploaded onto your desktop.

Family photo for holiday cards

Step 2: Purchase and Download A Digital Christmas Card Template

I love the options available – which includes video too – of Etsy digital Christmas cards. The videos add cute animation. Just like receiving an e-vite. Families can receive these via email, view on social media and can even open via text message link. They start at just $3 USD and you can send as many as you’d like since you’re purchasing the digital rights.

Digital Christmas Card Design To buy

Step 3: Customize Your Card By Uploading Your Photo & Editing

Once you’ve downloaded the design that you want, you can customize it to your liking. Start by uploading your family photo and cropping if needed. Next, you can edit the information to include your family’s name or a nice holiday message. Want to add detail about your family’s year? I recommend writing it in an email and attaching your Christmas card to the email. 

Step 4: Send Your Digital Christmas Card

After your card has been customized, save it as a .jpeg file (for social media) or as a PDF (email) and send it. The most popular way to use a digital Christmas card is to upload it to social media as a quick blanket seasonal greeting. It’s super casual, still shows off your family’s personality and gets the job done!



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