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Is Cirque Du Soleil Kid-Friendly? Let’s Be Honest About This

I absolutely love watching Cirque du Soleil shows. They’re a visual feast for your eyes and it’s one of my favorite entertainment date night ideas. Each show combines artistry, athleticism and story telling to weave together an unforgettable performance. I’ve been attending Cirque shows since 2007 and I’ll always be a fan. However, I’ve got some opinions from a mom’s perspective. You might be wondering if Cirque du Soleil is Kid-Friendly? I’m here to break it down for you.

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Is cirque du soleil kid friendly?

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Is Cirque Du Soleil Kid-Friendly? It’s Complicated

Cirque prides themselves on many great things like their level of artistry and their stance against using live animals. While I love these and whole-heartedly agree with them, they also think that Cirque shows are kid-friendly. I can’t say that I completely agree with that statement. 

It Might Be Too Hard For Your Child To Understand

Cirque performances aren’t your typical circus show that you grew up with. They’ve received such huge acclaims from press because they’re almost the anti-circus. They’ve taken the industry to the next level and new heights. There’s a story behind every Cirque du Soleil show that captivates the audience. It’s not a flat-out “once upon a time” type story, but more interpretive. There’s usually a main character whose story unfolds and audience members become attached to the character. 

Older kids can certainly go, not understand the storyline, and still enjoy the show. There’s plenty of amazing and jaw-dropping stunts in every Cirque show. On the contrary, I think kids under the age of ten might have a harder time following the storyline.

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Some May Consider The Costumes To Be Provocative 

The costume designs vary with each show I’ve seen. They’re always over-the-top, ornate and beautiful. I love the details that they put into the costume and makeup design. In some shows, there are some costumes that are borderline provocative. In “Corteo”, there’s a scene that features the “Lustres” which are giant chandeliers hanging above the stage. The acrobats perform on the chandeliers in lingerie-inspired costumes. Might be no big deal for some parents and totally unexpected for others. It’s just something to be aware of before brining your kids to a Cirque show. Their Las Vegas Bellagio show, “O” also features more provocative costume design.

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It’s A Long Show

One of the things I love about Cirque du Soleil is also a downside for bringing kids. I’ve never felt ripped off from a ticket purchase. Each show’s run time is about two hours (give or take) with a twenty-five minute intermission time. You get plenty of entertainment for your ticket price. As much as I love this about Cirque, it makes it harder for kids to attend. 

If you do plan on bringing your kids, make sure to attend an earlier showtime. The 8pm performances are hard for the kids and I’ve seen many families leave during intermission time. That means you won’t waste half of your ticket cost. You want to be sure and stay the entire time.

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Final Thoughts: Is Cirque Du Soleil Kid-Friendly?

In my personal opinion, don’t bother taking kids under the age of 10. If for no other reason, they won’t be able to sit still for the entire performance or understand what’s going on. Even be weary of taking kids under the age of 13. I think teens are about the first age group that can appreciate everything that comes with a Cirque Du Soleil performance. Until then, our family is keeping it a fun date night experience. I do HIGHLY recommend Cirque shows for date nights or a girl’s night out.


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