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Let Your Kids Get Weird With Zo Zo Zombie | Unboxing

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Spin Master (for Zo Zo Zombie).

Being in self-isolation might have us feeling a little like zombies! It’s a good thing our new family-favorite show is about to air on YouTube and Crunchy Roll this month – Zo Zo Zombie. Zo Zo is the zombie you never knew you needed in your family’s life. He isn’t your average zombie, he’s a normal kid that just so happens to be dead. At first glance, being a zombie might not be suitable as a kid, but he soon discovers that he’s more than just that!

Zo Zo Zombies Unboxing

My son loves going on adventures and getting into messes and so does Zo Zo. As the main character, Zo Zo tries to help out by using his limbs and pulling his eyeballs out to see problems better, but he usually just ends up finding a bit more trouble. Our family likes to think of Zo Zo as the world’s friendliest zombie. He’d be my son’s best zombie friend IRL.

ZO ZO Zombie YouTube Unboxing

Alongside Zo Zo you’ll find his good friend, Isamu. He’s a normal schoolboy who is always up for whatever adventure Zo Zo gets him into next. Get ready to expect funny gags, slapstick childhood humor, and good-natured-gross-outs. The show is great for older kids and tweens who love this kind of humor. Who wouldn’t laugh at a zombie losing his limbs every know and then? 

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Zombie Makeup, Zombify

One of our favorite episodes is a grand adventure where Zo Zo has to deliver a birthday package to Isamu’s grandmother. During the adventure, Zo Zo gets stopped by Zombie Hunter Joe. Zo Zo uses his organs and body parts to distract the zombie hunter while his hand delivers the mail to the grandmother. In the end, the package is delivered and Zo Zo escapes the Zombie Hunter. There are plenty of laughs in-between and good-hearted fun.

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So grab the family and watch the launching on YouTube (and Crunchy Roll) this April with new episodes rolling out all year long. It’s sure the be the best entertainment for your kids this summer! Don’t forget to subscribe for new weekly episodes. Want to have even more fun and make it into a family event? Dress up like zombies when you watch!


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