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Sensational World Of Coca Cola Atlanta: Tips For Visiting With Kids

For years now, the World of Coca Cola has been an Atlanta staple that has been putting smiles on visitors faces. You can’t help but to feel the joy that a simple bottle of Coke can bring you, when you’re visiting. It’s an Atlanta must-do attraction, even if you’re a local. They’re always offering new reasons to visit, seasonal events and I’ve got all the details about their post Covid-19 safety precautions. These are my BEST tips for visiting with kids and making the most of your tickets.

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The World of Coca Cola is located in the heart of downtown and is easily accessible from I-75, on Baker Street.  You don’t have to be a fan of Coke to enjoy your visit, it’s full of Atlanta history as well. It’s also a great destination if you’re passing through town and have a half day of time to spend.

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Tips For Visiting The World Of Coca Cola Atlanta (With Kids)

What is the World of Coca Cola? It’s part museum, it’s a hands-on experience for all ages, it’s Atlanta history and you’ll leave knowing a bit more about the iconic brand that’s recognized around the world. One common trend amongst guests is how much everyone is having – from young kids to adults that are reminiscing about Coke. 

World Of Coke Atlanta, Coke Store Atlanta

How To Buy World Of Coca Cola Tickets

There are a couple of different ways to purchase tickets. As of late 2020, every guest needs to purchase advanced tickets online prior to arrival. Guests pick the day and time of their visit. Upon arrival, you just show your mobile ticket or printed ticket for access. The timed ticket system allows the venue to keep guest admission lower and limit close contact, in order to maintain social distancing. 

Additionally, guests can purchase Atlanta CityPASS tickets too. Atlanta CityPASS tickets are available for guests to purchase online. The CityPASS includes a mobile ticket and 30 days to visit the following attractions:

What To Know About Parking

The WOCC has their own parking deck. Since the venue is located in the same plaza as the National Center for Civil and Human Rights AND the Georgia Aquarium, guests can easily visit all three (which make the Atlanta CityPASS an attractive value too).

The parking deck for the WOCC does not require advanced ticket purchasing. It also has two electric vehicle charging stations available for use. Parking ticket price starts at $12 for 0-4 hours and $17 for any time used over 4 hours. 

The Best World Of Coca Cola Exhibits For Kids

My kids love visiting and playing with all of the hands-on experiences. While visiting the WOCC is best known for their tasting room, but they’ve got so much more to offer than that! Parents can appreciate the hand sanitizer that’s available every few feet, but your kids are going to touch and play. There are even more experiences than these listed below, but here are my favorites for young tykes.

The Vault Room

Did you know the exact formula for Coca Cola has been a secret for over 125 years? Guests can learn about this best-kept secret and how the brand’s founder, John Pemberton, carefully formulated one of today’s most beloved flavors. My kids loved the Virtual Taste Maker, which invites you to create taste and flavor combinations the same way early pharmacists and inventors did.

The Vault Room World Of Coke

The Coca Cola Polar Bear

Since 1922, the Coca Cola Polar Bear has been a brand mascot that everyone Coke drinker loves. I think our family recognizes him most from the holiday marketing campaigns. Guests can meet and take their photo with him while visiting.

World of Coca Cola Polar Bear Mascot

Bottle Works

Kids love to see how Coke is actually bottled at the WOCC Bottle Works exhibit. Imagine stepping into an actual Coke bottling plant and getting an inside look.  Guests can take a close look at the assembly line and learn more about the eco-friendly process. Young visitors are fascinated by the moving parts that are happening all around them and it’s definitely a favorite room. Parents can also reminisce with a look at the retro labels that were available in the past.

Scent Discovery

The newest 2020 exhibit is the Scent Discovery room. Kids can learn more about using their scent and how their five senses work together. Guests can learn whether they prefer fruity, spicy, earthy or sweet scents – with the help of a Coke ambassador. Plus, you’ll learn more about the aroma profiles of the Coke products you already love.

Scent Discovery Room at Coke Atlanta


Taste It!

The highlight of everyone’s visit to the World Of Coca Cola has got to be the tasting room. It’s at the end of your visit and it’s where you can try different Coke products that are sold all around the world. It’s a global tasting experience that kids adore. Parents will love seeing their little faces squirm from unfamiliar flavors or smile when they’ve discovered a new taste.

Tips For Bringing The Kids To Visit

You’ll want to bring a stroller if you’ve got young kids under the pre-school age. The building is two stories with access to elevators as well. There’s a lot of walking as well, so dress comfortable with appropriate shoes. Changing tables are available to guests as well as family restrooms.

World of Coca Cola Atlanta

The Coca Cola Store

Finish your visit with the best Coca Cola store, where you can purchase branded gear for the whole family. My kids immediately went for a Coco Cola polar bear stuffed animal. Tickets are not required to visit the gift shop and, once entering, guests no longer have access to the exhibits. It’s the last thing you’ll walk through on your visit. It’s a great opportunity to purchase Atlanta gifts.

World Of Coca Cola Gift Shop

World Of Coca Cola Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Slight adjustments have been made to the World of Coca Cola experience to ensure the safety of employees and guests. You can feel comfortable while visiting this popular Atlanta attraction, thanks to the safety measures they’ve got in place.

  • Thermal temperature screenings for all guests
  • Hand sanitizer available every few feet
  • Social distancing signage on floors, strictly enforced by employees, alongside limited capacity
  • Face masks are required for all guests over the age of 2 (in compliance with Atlanta city ordinances)
  • The tasting room has a modified temporary experience that’s in compliance with the CDC guidelines. Coke employees assist guest in limited tastings, plus guests can take tastings to-go at the end of their visit


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