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Winter Driving Tips To Keep You Safe In Harsh Conditions

The following post is sponsored by Toco Warranty, but all opinions are my own. Savvy Mama Lifestyle is a Brand Ambassador representing Toco Warranty.


In 2014, there was an unexpected winter storm in Atlanta that shut down our roads for days. Drivers were stuck in their vehicles for hours and some even found businesses to sleep in because they couldn’t make it home safely. 

Luckily, I was at home with a newborn, but my husband was stuck in that storm. It taught us a lot about being prepared for any type of driving conditions.

Bad winter weather can come on quickly during the winter months, and this can cause road conditions to change suddenly. It’s best to be cautious while driving in adverse weather, and that starts with being prepared. 

This year, I wanted to share some winter driving tips that’ll help you feel safe and better prepared when that unexpected weather hits.

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Driving Tips To Keep You Safe In Harsh Winter Conditions

Be Prepared Before Hitting The Road

Let’s start with preparation in the vehicle. Every spring and fall, you should change out an emergency supply kit in case unexpected weather happens to you. There are some specific cold-weather items that you want to always have on-hand in case of an emergency:

  • Extra food and water
  • Flashlight
  • Warm Clothing
  • Glass Scraper
  • Blanket
  • Emergency Phone Charger
  • At Least Half A Tank Of Fuel

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Secondly, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is tuned up and ready for the road. Here are some precautions you can take before the winter comes:

  • Check your tires to be sure that they’re properly inflated and have tread.
  • Buy a new car battery if it’s that time. Cold weather reduces battery capacity, making it more likely to result in a dead battery.
  • Switch out your wiper blades before the season starts–and make sure to invest in strong ones.
  • During winter, get your car washed at least once a month to eliminate salt from the vehicle. Salt from the roads can stick to your car and corrode its various mechanisms, particularly the underbelly, brakes, and wheel wells.

While car maintenance is always important, it’s crucial when you’re about to take on winter road conditions. Our family makes every mile count with Toco Warranty’s vehicle repair coverage to keep us safe on the road.

Toco Warranty offers an affordable monthly plan to help you cover used vehicle maintenance costs. They require no money down and no binding contract (which means you can cancel at any time if you need to). 

For cars three years and older, they have plans that cover parts for a car’s engine, transmission, drive axle, electrical, cooling system, AC, fuel system, and more. I’m so glad that Toco gives us the peace of mind we need when it comes to our vehicle.

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How To Stay Safe While Driving In The Snow

I think snow and ice are the scariest road conditions because it happens so quickly. We drove from Atlanta to Florida in 2018 and hit a South Georgia freak snowstorm on I-75! You never know when or where you’ll encounter a winter snowstorm. Always check the weather before leaving.

If you’re already out and driving when that snow hits, hopefully you’re heading towards shelter. If you can avoid driving in the snow, definitely choose to stay home. If you can’t avoid it, here are some tips to get through it:

  • Increase Your Following Distance To 3-4 Car Lengths
  • Accelerate and Decelerate Slowly – Less Abrupt Movement Helps Tire Tracks
  • Don’t Stop Going Up A Hill – Use Inertia To Assist You Going Uphill
  • Apply Steady Pressure On The Breaks When You Need To – Don’t Pump Breaks
  • Drive Slowly

You can also check out this winter driving guide by Toco Warranty for more tips.

If you do get stuck in a storm, like my Husband did, it’s important to stay calm. Conserve your energy, stay warm and make sure your exhaust isn’t clogged with snow or mud. Be sure to contact someone immediately to notify them that you’re stuck. 

When winter conditions wreak havoc on your vehicle, you can turn to Toco Warranty to help with the assistance you need for repairs. They’ll help you save on maintenance and repair costs, so you can worry less about bad weather conditions and spend more time making every mile count.


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