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Historic Windsor Hotel: Where To Stay In Americus, GA With Kids

If walls could talk, you’d want to hear everything they have to say at the Historic Windsor Hotel. Located in the heart of Americus, Georgia it offers travelers rest, great food and a dash of intriguing history that you’ll want to hear. Despite the hotel’s fancy furnishings and architecture, it’s actually quite family-friendly. If you’re looking to kick up your feet from traveling with the kids, check into the unique Windsor Hotel for an unforgettable experience.

Review of the historic Windsor Hotel in Americus, Georgia.

SouthWest Georgia is known for Jimmy Carter history, peanuts and agriculture. Americus is 2.5 hours south of Atlanta and a great stop along the way to Florida. There’s something that pulls your heartstrings when you visit a small town, the “something” that makes you ponder if you just want to stay forever.

Small towns are family-friendly, so much cheaper than bigger cities and you can avoid the crowds. You won’t be competing for a 9pm dinner reservation, because the restaurant is probably closed by then. But you’ll be able to walk in without a reservation any time the restaurant is open.

Americus, Georgia gives you all the small town vibes that travelers crave and the Historic Windsor Hotel is where you want to stay. It’ll be the highlight of your trip – and quite possibly the reason you decide to come back.

downtown Americus, Georgia
Downtown Americus, Georgia. Photo Credit: Nick Rizkalla (Vantage Views)

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Why The Windsor Hotel Works For Families Visiting Americus

From the ornate exterior architecture and look of the three-story hotel lobby, you’re probably skeptical about checking into the Windsor with kids. The victorian hotel originally opened it’s doors in 1892, but a recent renovation helped the hotel return to some of it’s original grandeur. Today, it’s owned by the Best Western brand. No two rooms in the Windsor are exactly the same, which adds to it’s uniqueness.

Historic Windsor Hotel In Americus, GA
The beautiful exterior of The Windsor. Photo Credit: Best Western Plus Windsor Hotel

Modern Amenities Of Best Western Plus Properties

Since the Windsor is actually owned by the Best Western, families can take advantage of the amenities that come along with checking into any of the Best Western properties. Best Western prides themselves on hospitality and the employees at the Windsor strive to serve guests needs.

Enjoy remote control television, in-room coffee makers, and a daily newspaper is complimentary at the front desk. All rooms have high speed Internet service and use of room service, when the restaurants are open.

Best of all, you can take advantage of the Best Western Rewards loyalty program. Guests get all of the value that comes with the Best Western name, and modern amenities, but can savor the charm of the victorian age.

The Historic Windsor Hotel in Americus, Georgia

Rooms Large Enough For Families To Feel Comfortable

We’re a family of five and that makes us a “larger family” when traveling. Standard hotel rooms no longer fit our needs. The Windsor Hotel has high ceilings and plenty of space. No two rooms are exactly alike, but I’m told that all of the rooms are very comfortable, which is what we enjoy the most.

Two victorian-style queen beds and a desk make up the standard rooms. Our room includes a separate sitting area, with a couch and chair. Additionally, the walk-in closet adds more space to store luggage. In our case, we love setting up a pack-and-play for our toddler to sleep in the closet area. It gives them a dark space that’s separate from the television.

Standard room at Windsor Hotel
Two-Queen Bed Standard Room.

Americus Events Are Centrally Located To The Windsor Hotel

As I previously mentioned, one of the great things about staying in a small town are how they’re family-friendly. The downtown Americus area uses The Windsor Hotel as a landmark to navigate. Locals refer the block-wide hotel as a point-of-reference when giving directions, but it’s exterior is so unique that it becomes a beacon.

When the city hosts events on the streets of the downtown area, The Windsor Hotel is in the heart of the action. The grand three-story lobby becomes bustling with the noise of families and children playing. It’s the perfect location to stay for attending any downtown Americus event and within easy walking distance of restaurants too.

Two Hotel Dining Options To Serve Families

The Windsor offers two on-property dining locations. The Rosemary & Thyme Restaurant is located in the grand dining room and offers delectable southern cuisine. At first glance, the restaurant looks far too fancy for families with kids, but I promise that it’s unpretentious. The kids can still get chicken strips, while parents will enjoy flavors of the south.

Floyd’s Pub overlooks the downtown area and offers a more casual dining experience, with a full service bar. It’s a smaller restaurant area, but they offer several booths to accommodate families.

Rosemary and Thyme Restaurant in Americus

Is The Historic Windsor Hotel Haunted?

The intriguing history that you need to know about is the paranormal activity that The Windsor Hotel is famous for. If you love checking into a haunted hotel, add the Windsor to your bucket list. Whether or not you believe in it, the property is known for being the home of three ghosts.

One of the stories involves the tale of a mother and daughter- Emily Mae and Emma. The mother, who was a housekeeper, got into an argument with her lover who was a staying in the hotel. The guest didn’t want to deal with the argument and pushed the mother, along with her daughter, down the elevator shaft.

They perished in the accident, but supposedly guests can hear a little girl running in the hallways at night, random screams, and there’s strange activity around that elevator shaft.

Lastly, there’s good ole Floyd. He was a teetotaler who was for the prohibition. He was also an employee of the hotel. Ironically, the Windsor named the bar after him. Today, there are random reports of glasses breaking in the bar area and it could be the ghost of Floyd!

Our kids could care less about ghost stories, but it might be the reason your kids will want to check in! I love the idea of a Halloween season stay and enjoying the local agritourism farms that are nearby. That would be perfect for teens.

Porch area of Floyds Pub
Porch area of Floyd’s Pub at The Windsor. Photo Credit: Best Western Plus Windsor Hotel

In the words of country singer Justin Moore: “I wouldn’t trade one single day here in small town USA” and that’s how I feel about our stay in Americus. The Windsor Hotel beautifully bridges the gap between being a historic property and providing the modern amenities that families need when traveling.

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