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5 Things I do The Week Before a Race | Savannah Women’s Half

Thank you to Fleet Feet Sports Savannah for providing me apparel for review and helping me feel my best the week before a race.

Even though I’ve been running half marathons for five years now, I still like go through a basic routine the week before a race. I get anxious about race day still and it’s perfectly normal. Sometime I worry about the weather (which I have no control over) and other times I’m excited to put all of my hard training into the race.

Whether your race goal is to finish or set a new PR, anyone can have some pre-race jitters. The best way to ease your stress is to calm race day nerves. You’ve already put the time, effort and miles into your training – so relax a bit!

I’m a week away from running the Savannah Women’s Half Marathon – so I’m sharing some tips on what to do the week before a race.

Week Before a Race

5 Things I Do The Week Before a Race

Have a Race Day Plan

From getting to the start line to the pace you’d like to maintain, it’s best to know what you’ll do beforehand. In the last few training sessions before a race, I like to make sure my walk-run-walk intervals are ready to go. My training will be short, but consistent with the pace I’ll keep during the race. I also set my interval timer for race day.

Plan Your Outfit

Never try anything new on race day and wear brands that you trust. Thanks to Fleet Feet Sports Savannah, I’ll be wearing ON apparel and shoes. It’s best to be fitted by professionals that can help you find your best shoe for performance and comfort. If you need any last minute running gear or race branded apparel, Fleet Feet will be at the Savannah Women’s Half Marathon Expo.

Week Before a Race

Eat With Nutrition in Mind

I always like to start increasing my carbs the week before a race and start hydrating. Eating a well-balanced diet that’s gentle on my GI is important to me. It’s best to stock up on nutritious food to keep you satisfied. These grocery shopping tips for runners are helpful in finding foods that will support your athletic needs before the race.  I’ll grab some snacks from Publix to eat on race morning.

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Taper Your Mileage and Stay Injury-Free

Start cutting back your mileage and let your legs loosen up before the race. You’ve already done the training, so it’s time to cut back. I do no more than 3 two-mile runs before the event.

You also want to stay injury-free – to the best of your ability. For me, I just try to prevent injury. I wear shoes that offer support and I don’t try any new exercise the week before a race.

Get Some Sleep

I know race day jitters can keep you up at night, but it’s important to sleep well before your race. If you’re prepared for the morning, you’ll sleep better knowing that you’re ready. Go to bed early and let your body get the rest it needs before you log those miles.

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Becky @ Disney in your Day

Monday 2nd of April 2018

Good tips. I have a 10k this weekend, a big one for me because I'm trying to PR it. However I think I need to get that idea out of my head because the forecast right now is very cold and possibly snow! So I need to calm my stress a little!

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