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Top 6 Things to do on a Kid-Free Disney Cruise

Please welcome guest blogger, Megan, as she shares the fun she had on her recent Disney Cruise Line trip. As a travel agent, she has the inside scoop on how make the most of a Disney vacation. Reading about her Disney Cruise Line trip makes me ready to book our next one!

So I have to say, I’ve had a tiny bit of Mommy guilt going on recently. You see, I’m the Mom to an adorable 2 year old little boy, Lucas. My husband Scott and I along with Lucas live in Ashburn, VA and ever since Lucas was born I have been lucky enough to work from home with him by my side. I started running a daycare when he was very small but realized that I wanted to do something more, really follow my passion (which just so happens to be planning Disney vacations), so when Lucas was a little over a year old I followed my dreams and became a Travel Agent with Living With the Magic Vacations. And while I consider myself blessed to be able to stay home with my little guy any Mom knows that it can be exhausting. Between working from home and keeping the family running I was in desperate need of a vacation…A KID FREE Vacation! Hence where my Mommy Guilt come in. Back in May I traveled to Disney World for the First Annual Living With The Magic Vacations Girls’ Getaway Weekend…and since this was an adult only vacation I left Lucas home with my husband while I met some great new women and spent a long weekend bonding with great friends, my Mom and my Aunt! Then at at end of June an opportunity presented itself to book a 7 Night Western Caribbean Disney Cruise over my 30th Birthday! At that point I had a tough decision to make…do we go as a Family of 3 with our very high energy 2 1/2 year old or do we leave Lucas home for a vacation with his New York family while Mommy and Daddy enjoy a kid free vacation on a very kid filled Disney cruise! After weighing our options we decided for a number of reasons to send Lucas on a vacation to New York while we went on my dream cruise (I will go into our reasons on my Cruise review posts so continue following along)!


Since we decided to leave my toddler at home I can now bring you the “Top 6 Things To Do when you cruise Kid Free on Disney Cruise Line”!

Disney Cruise Line Without Kids

  • Spa & Rainforest Day Pass

Senses Spa which is located on the Disney Dream, Fantasy & Magic is seriously a place of tranquility and relaxation (the Wonder also offer a spa onboard). One of my favorite parts about travelling without kids was that we could take advantage of the spa whenever we wanted to. We didn’t have to worry about scheduling time at the nursery for our 2 1/2 year old and we didn’t have to stress that he didn’t want to go to the kids club. We took full advantage of this and went to the spa 3 different days. It was GLORIOUSSSS! We also had pre-purchased 2 days of Rainforest Room Day Passes. These passes are probably the BEST value you will get on your Disney Cruise vacation. For $16 per person per day we were able to come and go from the Rainforest Room as much as we wanted each day of our passes! The Rainforest room is filled with all of the things you think about when you think of a spa and even things you probably couldn’t even imagine…Heated Stone lounge chairs (with a view of the ocean), Hot tubs for 2 (again with a view of the ocean), 3 different saunas, and the wonderful Rainforest showers made up of Cool Mist (I was too chicken to try this), Rainforest (my favorite of the showers), Water Fun, & Tropical Storm.

We decided to save our Rainforest Passes to use on days we were at Port, we knew we were going to stay on the ship at Falmouth and Cozumel so we turned in our passes on those days and we were so happy we did. The Rainforest Room was EMPTY both days so we were able to take full advantage of everything that it had to offer without having to wait for hot tubs, showers or stone loungers to be available. I would highly recommend staying on the ship during at least one of your Port days to enjoy the Spa and Rainforest room as well as the empty pools!


  • Adult Dining- Do it All!!!

The Disney Fantasy, Dream, Wonder, & Magic all have an adult dining restaurant called Palo, a dining experience with flavors of Italian cuisine. If you are sailing on the Dream or Fantasy you can also take advantage of dining in Remy which serves French inspired cuisine. Both restaurants have a strict dress code with Palo being a little more casual then Remy and are for guests 18+ years old. Both restaurants come at an additional cost, which you can find below. We originally had planned Dinner and Brunch at Palo and the Champagne Brunch at Remy, but after our first brunch at Palo we decided we just had to do it again. I did speak to other guests who did the Remy Champagne Brunch and they were very pleased with their experience there. If you are on a longer sailing I definitely recommend trying to do at least one brunch and one dinner, you will not be disappointed!

As of August 2016 the costs are as follows:

Remy Champagne Brunch: $55 per person (champagne pairing is an additional $25 per person)

Remy Dinner: $85 per person (wine pairing is an additional $105 per person)

Palo Dinner: $30 per person (wine pairing is an additional $59 per person)

Palo Brunch: $30 per person


  • Adult Only Shows/Activities

We absolutely loved taking advantage of all of the Adult only activities, especially the ones that took place in the Tube. There were actually so many Adult activities to take advantage of that most nights we had to pick and choose what we wanted to do. Between an adult only hypnotist show featuring Ricky Kalmon, two comedy shows, group games like Quest and Pop and Match Your Mate, the possibilities were endless! All of these activities provided us laughs upon laughs upon laughs!


  • Tastings

One of the things that you can’t pre-book but definitely want to book as soon as you get on your cruise is the tastings. Disney Cruise offers many different tastings for a small fee all throughout the sailing. The two tastings that we choose were the Beer Tasting and the Mixology class. We could have chosen from many others like a whiskey tasting, martini tasting, wine tasting, and even a chocolate and liqueur tasting. Both the beer and Mixology class were an additional $25 per person. They don’t just put beer in front of you and have you drink it…the beer tasting started with a history of beer and then we made our way through 5 different beers, it was really interesting and we loved all the beers we tasted. The Mixology class was definitely my favorite. During this class we learned all about the different liquors and the mixing techniques for different drinks. We then had the opportunity to get behind the bar and make drinks for others in the class. Our bartender/instructor Julian was also extremely entertaining as he balanced 3 bottles of liquor on his nose! I would highly recommend booking at least 1 tasting.


  • Adult Pool Area

When you think of a Disney Cruise you probably think about nothing but kids running all about. But if you can spend some time in the adult pool area, especially up at Satellite Falls you will be left wondering “where are all the kids?” These adult only sections were so quiet and (I will say it again) RELAXING! I spent a lot of mornings and afternoons just laying by Satellite Falls with a book in one hand and a refreshing drink in the other! Minnie even made an appearance up there one day which was a nice surprise!


  • Serenity Bay at Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is a gorgeous island. Everyone needs to go on a Disney Cruise just to experience it! I was seriously blown away by the cleanliness of the island, the crystal clear blue water, the white sand beaches, quality of the food at lunch, and the amount of activities to do. But I’ll be honest, I was just interested in laying on the beach and lounging in the water, so we of course headed straight over to Serenity Bay which is the adult only section of Castaway Cay! I was surprised with how many adults there actually were since kids weren’t allowed on this beach, but even with as many people as there were it was still extremely quiet. The water was crystal clear and we had the best bartender who brought us a cooler full of Coronas and kept bringing ice so they were ice cold. I honestly felt like a queen on this beach. You also have the option to book a Massage at one of the Serenity Bay Cabanas and you can take it one step further and rent a Cabana for the day on the beach! My dream is to one day rent a cabana. These cabanas come with food and drinks, a cabana host, sunscreen, comfy chairs and hammocks, shelter from the sun, and equipment rentals: like floats and snorkel gear.


So while I have a little Mommy Guilt that my past 2 Disney vacations were without my toddler, I know that he will get his Disney fill with 2 upcoming Walt Disney World vacations this Fall. And after an amazing and relaxing Disney Cruise I came home relaxed, rested and rejuvenated! I am ready to take on work and my many Mommy tasks, which includes getting my little guy (pictured below) ready for his first day of pre-school at the end of August and prepping for our next Walt Disney World vacations!


If you need help planning your next Disney cruise vacation I would love to offer my concierge vacation planning services to you and your family!



Thursday 8th of September 2016

Sounds like such a great trip Disney Cruise is definable in our future.


Thursday 1st of September 2016

I have been dying to take a Disney Cruise with the kids. I love that there are so many options to have fun for kids and adults alike.

Rachel at The Everyday Mom Life

Thursday 1st of September 2016

I had no idea that there were kid free Disney anythings. I'll have to consider this as an option for my husband and I in the future.

Ana Cristina Mariño

Thursday 1st of September 2016

I've never been on a cruise! And I would love if my first time is at a Disney cruise. I am a Disney kid at heart, once I step into Disney territory I become a 5 year old. That will probably happen at the cruise too! I plan to go around March 2017.


Thursday 1st of September 2016

How did I not know they had adult only cruise. I love the options mentioned and that balancing bartender??? WHAT we would love this cruise for vacation!

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