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My Fit Third Pregnancy: Three Months Pregnant Update

It always seems like the first trimester flies by! When you find out you’re pregnant, you are already considered four weeks along. So I always enjoy the speed of the first trimester, even though I know time will slow down tremendously by the end of the pregnancy. If you’re reading my third pregnancy update for the first time, here is the two months pregnant update that you may of missed.

If you are new to my pregnancy journey, let me catch you up a bit! In April, I begun using the Apple Health App to track my ovulation which got us on track. After a month of trying to conceive, I found out I was pregnant in early May of 2020. You can read all about my journey to pregnancy, deciding on baby #3 and how I surprised my Husband with the news, in this fun baby announcements article. 

I’m already a mom of two amazing boys – a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old. We reside in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

11 Weeks Pregnant, Three Months Pregnant Update

11 Weeks Pregnant


When you’re three months pregnant, it covers weeks 9-12 basically. The highlight of this month is getting my NIPT screening, which detects genetic syndromes and also lets us know the gender of the baby. This early screening is so important and I always feel better about the pregnancy once we get the results. 

My doctor uses the Harmony Test (which is a brand who does this screening). It’s bloodwork that is sent off to a lab and they usually do it around 11 weeks pregnant. We had big plans to do a socially-distant gender reveal party for 4th of July, but the test results came back late – thanks Covid. So yes, as I am writing this, I DO know the gender! However, we’re waiting a little longer for an announcement, to ensure we can keep it a big surprise.

Three Months Pregnant, Pregnancy Update, Bumpdate

Eating For Two: The Definition Has Changed For Me

What am I most proud of during this pregnancy? I’m not using it as license to eat whatever I want. Been there and done that – it only leads to postpartum depression on my end. I am eating a lower carb diet (following along Gestational Diabetes without the diagnosis) and working out regularly.

Using My Fitness Pal has been keeping me on track to not over-indulge. I don’t always feel like cooking with the summer heat, but I’ve stocked up on healthy snack items. I have no heartburn and stomach upset when I eat small meals throughout the day. As soon as I eat a bigger meal, I regret it!

What My Prenatal Workouts Look Like

My gym opened up again and while I can definitely go again, I’ve been opting to change it up. I have a treadmill at home, where I follow the Galloway Method of run-walk-run for 30 minutes. Or I’ve been running with a friend on our local trail. I wasn’t running in the very beginning of the pregnancy, but now I feel more comfortable to add some speed.

My OB said I can workout as long as I don’t sacrifice my back, lose my balance and I need to be able to speak comfortably during cardio. I’m not trying to win any awards – I just want to stay fit while pregnant. I’m REALLY hoping it pays off when the baby arrives. 

10 week ultrasound, first trimester ultrasound photo, ultrasound image 10 weeks

10 Weeks, 6 Days Ultrasound Image

Watching My Weight

I’ve officially lost 16 pounds since taking my pregnancy test in May. My OB knows that I’m eating low carb and he’s encouraging me to stay healthy. The more research I did about pregnancies, the more I realized that everyone is different.

I started out overweight and it was healthy for me to lose some weight. Not every woman needs to gain 25-40 pounds like doctors thought fifty years ago. That information is entirely outdated now. It’s dependent on where you start. 

Mentally, I feel better and more confident knowing that I’ve lost a little bit of weight. I’m not swollen (yet) and I’m not even wearing maternity clothes. This is night and day from my second pregnancy (which was probably my most unhealthy one). I know that emotionally I’ll feel better, after the delivery, if I can watch my weight while pregnant.

Biggest Pregnancy Symptoms

While writing this three month pregnant update, I’m still battling the exhaustion that comes along with early pregnancy. I hope that shifts over the next few weeks, but I will also be battling the heat. 

Round Ligament Pain has also started to kick in. It’s a weird stabbing sensation that occurs when you move around. Sometimes I like that I’m feeling it because it reminds me that the baby is growing. Other times, it’s a little painful. 

I’ve also had a few headaches the morning sickness has stuck around a bit longer than I would’ve liked. Hopefully the second trimester brings some relief! 

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