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Things I Never Expected About Being A Running Mom

When I was pregnant with my son, JP, I had these sporty day dreams about running with him in the jogging stroller with smiles on both of our faces. Of course, the sun would always be shining because running with your baby is a glorious experience. I was more of a walker while pregnant, but I couldn’t wait to run again. My husband bought me an amazing BOB Gear jogging stroller and I anxiously awaited for my sons arrival and signed up for my first post-baby half marathon. 


Our first 5k together was Halloween themed.

It took a while for reality to kick in, but I’ve learned that there’s an art to running with your baby. You must have a lot of patience as a new running Mom, because things are about to change drastically. Not necessarily bad changes, but lots of change. 

Let me fill you in: 

Don’t Judge Yourself on that First Run Back

You’ve finally found the energy in between feedings and you are ready to run. There is only one word to describe the run, no matter the distance or pace, it will be “Jiggly”. Everything will jiggle and feel horrible. But have no fear, this feeling will soon be gone! Your uterus will remember that it’s not the size of a watermelon and all will be fine. 

It Will be Hard to Find Time

Once they enter the late infant stage or toddler stage, it can be hard to squeeze in your run. I assumed that I could hop outside and run with my baby whenever I felt like it, but so many other factors are involved. If it’s too hot or too cold, you can’t take your kid running. 


On cold runs, I bundle him up!

But You’ll NEED to Run

After becoming a Mom, I felt more of a need to run than ever before. It quickly became quintessential “Me” time. You’ll need make time for yourself so can hear yourself think or just shut your brain off and run. 

Pushing a Jogging Stroller is Hard

My pace slowed by a solid minute when I started running with JP in the stroller. But when you finally find time to run alone, you’ll realize pushing the weight of your kid and the jogger made you so much stronger! Hills became easier and my PR’s started to appear after 6 months of training with the jogger. 


I was proud of this 10k time, just 5 months after he was born.

Racing With Your Kid is Hard

Another fantasy of mine was running a 5k while pushing my son. I imagined coming somewhat close to my 5k PR time. But no matter how hard you train, your kid will have different ideas. My son needs a bottle, snack or even entertainment while I run. I’ve stopped mid race to take care of him. Kids don’t understand time constraints. 

But it’s All Worth It

Even though being a running mom can be hard, it’s very rewarding in the end. Your child is watching you persevere, take care of yourself and you’re teaching them the importance of fitness. It’s also extra bonding time together. Once you embrace everything that being a running mom entails, you’ll appreciate the sport even more. 

Sometimes the only way he naps is in the jogging stroller.

Do you have any stories about becoming a running mom? 


Saturday 8th of August 2015

I LOVED my stroller running days with my little guy!! (I have three boys. My youngest was my running buddy:) He was such a trouper! He was in that jogging stroller until he was FOUR! I run at a nearby lake & we would go every morning. He knew all the regulars and they loved him. They still ask about him today. People ask me how he's doing & tell me to say "Hi" to him. A lot of times he would be bundled up, his little legs all tucked up under his blanket. Then when he was out of the stroller after my run was done, people would always comment - "He can walk?" I found it hysterical since he was four! We had our routine down. I'd have the stroller loaded with snacks & cocoa in his sippy cup! He's nine years old now. My stroller running days with him are such fond memories! Enjoy yours ~ It goes by so fast!

Kimberly Stroh

Sunday 16th of August 2015

I'm sure it does go by fast! As soon as my guy is over it, I'm sure I'll have baby number two to push! I love running with my stroller too.

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