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The Benefits of Buying HPP Baby Food

You can say I’m one of “those moms” when it comes to baby food. I always want the best for kids so I can offer them the best nutritional start. It may be a tough battle with my toddler right now, but I still have full control over Charlie’s baby food selections.

I rely on store bought infant food because I don’t have the time to meal prep for my son. But There are so many options available at the market. I put some time and research before purchasing to help me sort through the options. I knew I wanted a brand that was wholesome, free from preservatives and easy for me to feed.

That’s when I first read the benefits of HPP- High Pressure Pasteurization.

Pure Spoon Baby Food



HPP is an innovative system of design that delivers more flavor and nutritional value, of pureed baby food, than traditional high-heat pasteurization.  HPP maintains the integrity of the puree’s flavor, vitamins, and nutrients. So if you buy a HPP brand, your purees are made with maximum flavor and nutrition.

That’s why I picked Pure Spoon Organic Baby Food…

Pure Spoon is one of those rare brands that Mom’s can trust and rely on without any doubt. Pure Spoon is a huge step up from your standard processed shelf baby food. Plus the brand was founded by a Mom, Alyson Eberle, who had the same concerns I do about regular shelf stable brands.

Pure Spoon Organic Baby Food

She says, “Pure Spoon provides a long over-due, new, healthy option in the ready-to-eat, fruit and vegetable category for kids –– one that tastes delicious and is good for them.” Pure Spoon is made from raw and fresh organic produce using the HPP method that respect.

I love the flavor options of Pure Spoon!

11 flavors available (recyclable 4 .2 oz. containers) $2.69 – $2.99:


-Pear & Bananas

-Sweet Potato & Apples

-Carrots & Zucchini

-Blueberry, Banana & Apples

-Simply Carrots

-Apples & Broccoli

-Butternut Squash

-Apples & Oats

-Creamy Avocado & Apples

-Creamy Avocado & Pears

-Simply Pears

-Simply Apples

Pure Spoon is completely convenient for me too because they offer to-your-door delivery or in-store buying options. You can order directly from their website or Amazon. If you prefer buying in-store, you can find Pure Spoon at Whole Foods Markets, ShopRite & select Target stores (soon to be at Walmart and Kroger too).


Pure Spoon Organic Baby Food

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Pure Spoon Organic Baby Food

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