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5 Way To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week Virtually

With the entire county home-schooling and no longer attending school in a traditional way, end-of-the-year celebrations are slightly harder than normal. You’ve got to get a bit more creative, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate. I’ve rounded up 8 ways you can celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week virtually. Teachers deserve some appreciation now more than ever! They’ve taken on so many roles all while having to work from home too. So get inspired by some of these easy ideas.

Check out these 5 creative and easy ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week virtually! Get your kids involved and show some gratitude to the teachers we love. #TeacherGifts #EndOfYearGifts #SchoolYear #TeacherGiftIdeas

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Our Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4th – 8th this year. Traditionally, it falls on the first week of May before summer begins. Remind your kids and teach them how to participate in this fun week. We’re so thankful for everything our teachers have done and we have so much gratitude for them.

8 Way To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week Virtually

Email Your Teacher

This one can’t be more simple! Let your child email their teacher a note of appreciation. You can attach a video and wear your teacher’s favorite colors. A simple message of thankfulness is sometimes the only thing that a teacher needs. It’s free, easy and takes a few minutes. Plus, your child can practice those typing skills.

Share Your Favorite Memory

Record your child sharing their favorite memory from the school year. They can share a moment where they were proud of themselves, learned something new or did something fun with the teacher. You can also let your child journal about it and record them reading the journal to their teacher. 

Teacher Appreciation Week, Teacher Gifts

Create Art For The Art Teacher

Don’t forget about the special teachers who teach the supportive classes. If art is their favorite, let them create a piece of art for the art teacher. It can be a virtual piece of art that you can email. Use an digital art system like PhotoBooth or Preview to create the art.

Send An E-Gift Card

Teachers love to be spoiled after a year of hard work. Show them some appreciation by sending an e-gift card. Be sure to get their personal email address for the delivery. Sometimes work emails block attachments or emails not deemed work appropriate. Send a gift card that they can use virtually too – like to a restaurant or store (Amazon gift cards are great).

Teacher Appreciation Gifts, Teacher Appreciation Week Virtually

Ask Them To Create An Amazon Wish List

Amazon Wish Lists are so much fun! Teachers can create one, with their favorite Amazon items, and share the URL to the list. They make it public and anyone can view the list. The gift giver can send items from their list, to their personal address, without ever seeing the address. It’s totally private and a fun way to celebrate teachers with gifts from everyone’s favorite online shopping destination.


Don’t Forget About Teacher’s Assistances & Faculty Staff Too!

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