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Smart Holiday Road Trip Travel Tips

During the holidays, many families are hitting the road to see friends and relatives. It can be a daunting task but waiting in line for a flight to be canceled could be worst so my family usually chooses to travel by car. Today I wanted to share a few helpful travel tips for those who are hitting the pavement and going home for the holidays!

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Holiday Road Trip Travel Tips

  1. Map Your Route- Take a look at your route in advance and share that with those that are you are visiting or in any case, at least one person back home so they know when to expect you. Sometimes traffic or weather can play a factor and so they want to make sure that you’re as on time as possible. Even if you have done this route before, a quick check of the road conditions can reveal that bridges are being replaced, roads are closed or other changes have happened since the last time you drove it.

  2. Reserve Overnight Stops- You clearly are not the only family who are driving to see friends this holiday season so why not make sure that you have a place to stay ahead of time and reserve a spot!  In case you may be delayed or need to make a change in your plans, you’ll have the contact information and confirmation codes to be able to that efficiently and effectively. Keep in mind that you may need to cancel plans too so check those non-refundable rooms so you aren’t in a bind!

  3. Don’t Make It A Long Day – Depending on how long the drive is or the weather, you’ll want to make sure that you can stop here and there- but not for too long. Have a pit stop every two or three hours to stretch, move around and clear your head. THese help prevent blood clots in your legs and keep your leg circulation going because you’ve been sitting for a long period of time. It also can make your trip a bit more enjoyable by exploring a little town or stop!

  4. Bring Chargers- Make sure that your well equipped with the proper GPS device, chargers for your phone and more! The worst thing is to be without them when you need it the most so make sure everything is plugged in and fully charged when you’re ready to go!

  5. Keep Yourself Charged- That means having snacks and water bottles within reach of you to be able to keep one hand on the wheel and a few snacks to keep your energy up during the long road trips! If you are traveling with kids, make sure they have a few videos, coloring books or other items to keep them busy! To keep your car clean, at every rest stop throw out your trash! The less stuff you accumulate during the trips the easier it is when you reach your destination!

  6. Check Tires- Make sure you have your tuned up before you head out on the road, especially your tires! The worst thing that could happen is you get a flat but usually your tires should be able to handle the majority of weather you’re going to be hitting like snow, ice or rocks! Your tires are what is getting you from point a to point b so if you need to spend a little more money on a well known brand, I say go for it!

Of course there are several more things for you to travel smart this holiday season. Your car is what is going to be getting you there safely so you want to have a reliable one at that. When I look for a car that I can count on, I check out Sanford and Son Junk Cars.

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