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Six Flags Over Georgia Fright Fest Parent’s Guide

Kids are obsessed with Halloween, especially tweens and teens. When they grow out of trick-or-treating it’s tough to find festive fun for that age group. If you’re in Atlanta, I’m answering all of your questions in this Six Flags Over Georgia Fright Fest Parent’s Guide  – find out if the event is right for your kids!

Atlanta Six Flags Over Georgia Freight Fest Tips
Photo Credit: Six Flags Over Georgia

In case you’re unfamiliar, Fright Fest is the Halloween event that happens yearly at Six Flags Over Georgia. It’s touted at “Atlanta’s Scariest Halloween Event” – but is it kid-friendly? The answer might be more complicated than you’d think. Even though there are haunted houses, scare zones and live shows, there’s are some things for younger kids too. Let’s break it down!

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Six Flags Fright Fest Parent’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know

While the event isn’t advertised towards kids or families, you’re probably reading this article because your child, tween or teen is interested in attending. Since the theme changes yearly, some guests say that certain years are more frightening than others. Here’s everything you need to know before purchasing tickets to attend as a family or sending your kid by themselves.

Six Flags Kids Boo Fest

Here’s where it get’s a little complicated… there IS something for the younger kids to enjoy. Six Flags introduced the Boo Fest for the younger crowd. It’s during the daytime happening Saturdays and Sundays, featuring daytime fun for little monsters.

They’ve got Halloween themed activities like trick-or-treating, pumpkin decorating, storytelling, a costume contest and games. In between the festivities, families can enjoy the park’s 23 family and kid friendly rides before the sun goes down and the monsters come out. Plus, be on the lookout for fall snacks and treats to enjoy.

Six Flags Kids Boo Fest is included with park admission and it’s a great daytime event for the youngest kids.

Boo Fest at Six Flags
Photo Credit: Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia Fright Fest Basics

Fright Fest is included with park admission, but haunted houses require a valid Haunted Attractions Pass. Guests can come during the daytime and watch the park transition to Fright Fest. With the competitive nature of Halloween events, Six Flags aims to make Fright Fest scarier every year. They have enhanced spooky decorations, a reimagined haunted house, a frightening new scare zone, two live shows and the return of guest-favorite haunts, shows and attractions. 

Atlanta Fright Fest Age Limit Warning

It states directly on the Six Flags Over Georgia Fright Fest website that the event is NOT recommended for kids under the age of 13. No costumes are allowed for guests over age 12 and there’s no park re-entry after 7pm. Once you leave the park, they will not give you access back into the park.

Scariest Parts Of Six Flags Fright Fest

The haunted houses and the scare zones are going to be the scariest part of the event. If you have a kid that is skittish and wants to avoid the biggest fears, I would avoid the Haunted Houses. They are by far the scariest aspect of the event. They are themed after your inner fears, horror movies and nightmares.

Atlanta Halloween Events
Photo Credit: Six Flags Over Georgia

Haunted Houses:

Haunted Houses require a valid Haunted Attractions Pass, which is on top of the regular admissions ticket. So you really want to be sure that your kid is ready for that type of freight.

One of the best tips I’ve heard for squeamish guests that want to do the haunted houses: go in as a group and don’t be first. Let someone else who is more brave stand in front of you. They can cue you in as to what is about to come next. If you’re accompanying a tween or teen, take that advice and go in first.

Check out the haunted house themes for 2022:

  • Devil’s Eden: This old house was left empty for years, and the new owners are not so happy with visitors on two feet.
  • Serial Neighbor: Things seem a bit strange next door. Only certain guests are brave enough to go check it out.
  • Zombie Labs: Visit the park’s one of a kind zombie containment center.
  • Carnival of Chaos: Where guests are dying to have a good time.
Haunted houses in Atlanta
Photo Credit: Six Flags Over Georgia

Scare Zones:

Secondly, there are Scare Zones throughout the park. They’re areas that actors, who are fully dressed in costume and makeup, are places to scare guests. They are NOT allowed to touch you, but they can get close to you and follow you for a few feet.

You can locate the Scare Zones on a park map to know exactly where they’ll be located. There are ways to maneuver around the park without walking through the scare zones. I have to admit, the more scared you look, the more they’ll approach you. Go into the scare zone with confidence.

Check out the Scare Zone themes for 2022:

  • Garden of Evil: This once serene resting place has become overrun by creeping plants and an evil that sometimes cannot be seen.
  • Cannibal Cookout: Guests can learn the secret to a special barbeque recipe. Need a hint? It’s all about the meat.
  • The Coven: These witches have sworn to protect their sacred sanctuary. Anyone who dares to trespass and desecrate this forbidden ground will be burned at the stake.
  • Insectuous: An illicit lab has spawned interbred insects that makes skin crawl.
Six Flags Over Georgia
Photo Credit: Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia Fright Fest Ride Overlays

One of the more fun sides to the Halloween event is the ride overlays. The park adds a touch of festive frightful fun to their popular attractions. So even if you’ve been on these attractions previously, they’re going to feel fun and different. Even some of the live shows get an overlay and Halloween theme added.

Here are the live show and ride overlays for Halloween at Six Flags Over Georgia:

  • Dr. Fright’s Dead Man’s Party: Guests are once again invited to Dr. Fright’s annual Dead Man’s Party, a bash for zombies to scare the living daylights out of mortals with drop dead performances of classic Halloween hits.
  • Bad Bob the Bone Butcher: Deputy Leon P. Jones is in charge of the rotten coffin of Bad Bob. It’s Old West slapstick slaughter when Bad Bob comes back to life and has a bone to pick with Jones.
  • Disco Train: All aboard the Six Flags Railroad! Celebrate Halloween with an energetic train ride through some of disco’s most monstrous hits.

Hotels Near Six Flags Over Georgia

Looking for a little bit of rest after a night of fright? Check out the hotels near Six Flags Over Georgia. Many of the hotels are family-friendly and only a short drive to the thrill park. I recommend looking at Wingate by Wyndham Austell/Six Flags Hotel or the Holiday Inn Express Hotel Austell. You can make a weekend trip to experience Six Flags Over Georgia Fright Fest and have several days in the park.

Six Flags Over Georgia Halloween Event
Photo Credit: Six Flags Over Georgia

Is Fright Fest Too Scary For Tweens Or Teens?

Final verdict: tweens and teens will love Freight Fest, IF you explain what it is and accompany them to Six Flags. I don’t recommend dropping off your teens at the park. It’s great that there are events for the younger kids to enjoy at Boo Fest too. Decide if your kids are brave enough for the haunted houses before you spend the money, attend Fright Fest with them and you’ll make some fun frightening Halloween memories.

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