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Shine Organics: The Perfect Superfood for Busy Super Moms

As a busy Mom, eating healthy can feel so time consuming sometimes. Keeping food fresh, prepping healthy snacks and taking it to-go can be a lot of work with my crazy schedule. When I think I’m being good and take a hand fruit in my car, it gets all over the place and causes a sticky mess. My solution? Shine Organics Pouch. It’s the perfect super food for super Moms!

Shine Organics, Shine Organics Pouches, Superfoods, Healthy Snacking

Shine Organics Makes it Easy

Shine Organics effortlessly fits into my healthy lifestyle. You can purchase them in the apple sauce section at Target. The convenient pouches can be tossed into my gym bag or kept in my car’s cup holder. The quick snack provides me the nutrition I need to keep up with my little guys.

All you have to do is uncap the pouch and start sipping. The chia keeps me feeling full and the flavors are unique blends.

Shine Organics, Shine Organics Pouches, Superfoods, Healthy Snacking

Superfoods On-The-Go

I love how Shine Organics makes superfoods easy for anyone to get. You’re feeding yourself nature’s best – real fruits and vegetables, chia seeds, and nutritious superfoods. The harmony of Non-GMO ingredients is blended together and served in the pouch.

They are also organic, which makes it an even better snack decision. I don’t have to bother buying bulk organic produce and preparing my own snacks. I just grab my Shine Organics and go.

Available in 4 flavors:

  • Calm: Banana, Pumpkin, Coconut, Blackberry, Vanilla, Passion Flower Chia.
  • Elevate: Banana, Carrot, Mango, Orange, Wheatgrass, Tumeric, Chia
  • Purify: Apple, Guava, Kale, Strawberry, Parsley, Chia
  • Revive: Pear, Celery, Coconut, Lime, Green Tea, Chia

Shine Organics are available at your local Target (near the apple sauce)!

Shine Organics, Shine Organics Pouches, Superfoods, Healthy Snacking

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Monday 2nd of October 2017

Yummy!! Love Shine Organics!

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