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FREE SeaWorld Orlando Tickets: The Preschool Card

Planning a vacation to Orlando is just what the family needs, but the price tag of theme park tickets can certainly add up. If you wan to save some money, and a little one, there’s a way to score FREE SeaWorld Orlando tickets! It’s by registering for their SeaWorld Orlando Preschool Card. That’s right, your preschoolers can get into the the theme park for absolutely free, but there are a few catches. Here’s everything you need to know.

SeaWorld Orlando Preschool Card Information
The SeaWorld Orlando theme park is a great destination for families with young kids.

SeaWorld Orlando offers an ocean of experiences that are perfect for pint-sized guests. Did you know that they have an entire theme park section that’s themed after Sesame Street? SeaWorld Orlando has made so many improvements to offer more for the younger kids.

The SeaWorld Orlando Preschool Card has been available for several years and it’s one of their most popular deals. The offer gives your preschooler FREE tickets to SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica.

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What is the SeaWorld Orlando Preschool Card?

The SeaWorld Orlando Preschool Card is essentially a pass that grants preschoolers, ages five and under, free admission to the theme park for the calendar year. That’s for unlimited visits. It’s only available to Florida residents, though. Floridians love to vacation in their own state, so it’s still an amazing deal if you have a preschooler.

The SeaWorld Orlando Preschool Card includes popular, family-friendly SeaWorld events including Inside Look, Elmo’s Birthday Celebration, Sesame Street Kids’ Weekend, Seven Seas Food Festival, Electric Ocean and the kid-favorite Spooktacular.

Why would SeaWorld offer this deal? They know that offering kids admission, that have to get into the park with a paying adult, will increase their sales. Adults will pay for their tickets, the price of food and possibly souvenirs. Plus, since it’s open to Florida residents, adults are more likely to buy themselves an annual pass. That means more visits! It’s a pretty smart idea.

How to get free SeaWorld Orlando Tickets

How To Register For A SeaWorld Orlando Preschool Card

If you want a whole year of family fun, you’ve got to act quickly in the beginning of the year. Advance registration must be completed online, for the Preschool Card, by the beginning of February. Guests must redeem their ticket (go into the park to activate it) by March 31. When you activate it, you’ll have to show proof of preschool registration as well.

Once activated, the Preschool Card is valid for admission through December 31. The card is not available at the park front gate. Guests must register for the card online. You’ll receive an email with your confirmation. Save that email and show it to the front gate when you activate the card.

How Many Rides Can My Preschooler Ride At SeaWorld Orlando? 

SeaWorld Orlando is known for their amazing coasters, but there are plenty of rides that young kids can enjoy too. The Sesame Street Land is designed just for toddlers and preschoolers, with attractions that have no minimum ride height requirement.

Other rides, like Elmo’s Choo Choo Train, have a 36″ minimum height requirement. Most preschoolers would be tall enough! Kid-friendly coasters have a minimum height requirement of 38″. Aside from rides, there are many animal encounter attractions that preschoolers will love.

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Monday 6th of January 2020

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