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SeaWorld Orlando Build-A-Bear Workshop: Prices, Options & Experience

Even kids know that the best park souvenirs are the ones that you can customize. Now park young guests (and maybe even some adults too) can commemorate their day with a SeaWorld Orlando Build-A-Bear stuffed animal. Kids always love the Build-A-Bear experience – but you’ll get a unique experience that’s unlike their typical mall stores. Here’s everything parents need to know about the NEW attraction, including prices and options!

The Build-A-Bear brand has previously partnered with family resort destinations and theme parks with roaring success. Families can build Great Wolf Lodge Build-A-Bear characters when visiting their U.S. waterpark resorts. Orlando also has another unique location, the Disney Springs Build-A-Dino that’s located inside the T-Rex Cafe. So I’m positive that the SeaWorld Orlando location will be a huge hit as well.

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SeaWorld Orlando Build-A-Bear: Prices & Merchandise Options

If you want to experience the park’s Build-A-Bear, you’ll have to purchase SeaWorld Orlando park tickets. It’s located inside the park, near the Flamingo exhibit. Both are locate across from the Manta roller coaster and a short walk from the front park entrance. I would play and explore the park, as a family, and do your Build-A-Bear experience on the way out of the park.

SeaWorld Orlando Souvenir Shopping For Kids

Build It Right There Or Take It Home

The first step of Build-A-Bear is picking the stuffed animal that you’d like to purchase. At SeaWorld Orlando, they’ve got unique one-of-a-kind options that are represent the sea life of the park. If they have a long line or your little one isn’t on the trip with you, an option is to bring home your stuffed animal. You can stuff them at any Build-A-Bear location nationwide. Pro Tip: they also have a few of their regular teddy bear options as well, if you don’t want one that’s park themed.

Build-A-Bear Sea Lion


SeaWorld Orlando Build-A-Bear Prices

Depending on what style you pick, that determines the cost of your stuffed animal. The prices range from $22-$35, with the SeaWorld themed choices being slightly more pricey. The entire experience includes: stuffing, the wash station and a birth certificate. What’s NOT INCLUDED, and oftentimes racks up the entire cost, is the cost of clothing or accessories. Pro Tip: avoid the clothes and accessories to save money.

The shop offers exclusive SeaWorld clothing and accessories, including t-shirts and special bear carriers. Additional exclusive furry friends and accessories are going to be added to the park store on a regular basis – which is awesome for SeaWorld Orlando passholders.

SeaWorld Orlando Build-A-Bear Flamingo Stuffed Animal


What Age Range It’s Great For

You might be wondering if your child is old enough (or too old) for the SeaWorld Orlando Build-A-Bear experience. With a little help from parents, even can toddlers enjoy the experience. Preschoolers and lower grade school age are perfect for Build A Dino. I think they enjoy it the most.

Since you can customize sounds to place inside of your stuffed animal, I’m hoping that they allow some REAL animal sounds, made from the animals around the park.

Pro Tip: You can stop by Buil-A-Bear as you walk into the park and purchase the $5 sound button. Take it around the park to record your FAVORITE animal sounds. The Sea Lions would be amazing for this. Capture it during the feeding times, when they’re most active. Then, take the button back to the shop and have them place it inside of your animal for the ULTIMATE souvenir.

SeaWorld Orlando Kids Shopping Souvenirs


Coupon Guardrails & Gift Cards

Build-A-Bear gift cards are accepted at SeaWorld Orlando Build-A-Bear. However, check any Build-A-Bear Workshop coupon for the fine print. Many times, those offers are excluded at the store.


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