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Sanaa Disney World Dinner Review: Where India Meets Africa

There’s no doubt that one of the most unique places to stay on Walt Disney World property is Animal Kingdom Lodge. The sprawling resort showcases nature’s best with up-close views of an African savannah. Does that mean the dining is just as impressive? Find out in this Sanaa dinner review – which includes whether your kids will actually eat – and if you should add it to your trip itinerary.

Complete review of Sanaa Animal Kingdom Lodge restaurant for lunch & dinner. Including vegetarian options, if it's worth the cost & what kids will actually eat.

Certain Disney restaurants are just known for their famous dishes. Everyone knows go to Liberty Tree Tavern for the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake or ‘Ohana for the noodles and bread puddling. These are the “star” dishes that keep people coming back and cause a viral uproar when Disney removes them from the menu. Fans know what they like when it comes to Disney dining.

At Sanaa, it’s known for the bread service. It’s their most popular item and, if you ask anyone who has eaten there, they’ll tell you that’s the main reason to go.

While I certainly agree, there’s so much more to one dish when you’re picking out your Disney dining reservations. Is it worth the cost? What will my kids eat? Can I walk up or will I have to reserve dining months ahead of time?

Let’s break it down for Sanaa…

Disney World’s Sanaa Dinner Review

Sanaa celebrates the flavors of Africa with Indian fusion. Located inside of Kidani Village, it’s a casual table service option. Jiko, which is far more traditional African, is signature dining and located in Jambo House (along with Boma). Sanaa is family-friendly and offers a great view of the savannah.

Kidani Village House Dining Options At Walt Disney World

The Atmosphere of Sanaa

One of my favorite features about staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge is the African art that is located all across the resort. Sanaa is home to several pieces of art – including a hidden mickey – and animals walk right up to the windows of the restaurant. All of the tables are centered around an acacia tree.

The best tables in the restaurant are definitely located next to the window, where you’re far more likely to catch a visiting animal trying to show off. The animals are a huge bonus for parents with young kids who are wiggly. It adds an extra dose of entertainment while waiting for your meal.

Dining at Sanaa is comfortable and casual. You can wear your park clothes and not worry about dressing up. My kids thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, thanks to being nearby the windows.

Dining at Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort Disney

Sanna Menu Highlights: Favorite Must Order Items To Try

It’s true. You should start your meal with Indian-style bread service. It has 9 accompaniments, from sweet mango chutney to spicy red chile sambal. Even my kids enjoyed it (without any sauces). My expert tip is to order extra flat bread or two of them. You’ll end up with more sauce than bread! It’s so delicious.

Sanaa Disney World Indian Bread Service

Sanaa Disney World Indian Bread Service

Probably the two most recognized options on the menu are Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken (part of the Potjie Inspired). My Husband tried the Tandoori Chicken and I ordered the Butter Chicken, which is far more moist than the Tandoori. I highly recommend ordering the Cilantro-Coconut Vegetables with the Butter Chicken, if you’re a coconut milk fan.

Butter Chicken With Coconut Vegetables Sanaa Disney World

Sanna Disney World Butter Chicken

Not an adventurous eater? They were able to assist my mom, who didn’t want to upset her stomach. She actually ordered the salmon, from the kid’s menu! It was served with rice and seasoned vegetables and she loved it. Disney chefs are great about working with food allergies and preferences.

Kids Salmon Sanaa Animal Kingdom Lodge

Sanaa Kids Menu Fish Of The Day

Other notable menu items are the vast amount of vegetarian & vegan options. They’ve got some amazing plant-based items that aren’t lacking excitement. Both the lunch and dinner menu is very diverse and offer variety for special diets. All of the menu items come across as authentic too.

The cocktail menu has so many great options! They’ve got a wide variety of hand-crafted cocktails to pick from and imported beer & wine from Africa. 

Sanaa Disney World Cocktails

Pomegranate lemonade, African Star Mojito, Raspberry Mojito

Picky Eater Options & Kids Menu Items

I’ve got two picky eaters and both of them were able to find items off of the kids menu to try. My youngest ordered a plain hamburger, while my oldest had the cheese pizza. They probably picked the two least adventurous items off of the kids menu, but I was happy that they ate.

Older, or less picky eaters, can try the kids menu fish of the day (which is actually what my mom ordered) or the kid’s butter chicken. If your kids don’t like spice, I would avoid the butter chicken.

Is Sanaa At Disney World Worth The Cost?

Most of the menu entree items range from $19 – $34, with the Strip Steak being the most expensive menu item. The fish is market price. 

Let me tell you a little back story behind our visit to Sanaa. It wasn’t planned as part of our vacation itinerary and we were a walk-up table, without reservations. We were supposed to pick up food at the McDonald’s on Disney property (I kid you not) and take it back to our room for a quick option. We left the drive-through because our usual order from home was three times the price!

That made our $100 meal, for a party of five, at Sanaa, seem like such a great deal. It’s not the cheapest option at Animal Kingdom Lodge, but you’re getting a great meal without the signature dining price tag of Jiko. I would highly recommend cocktails and bread service, if you don’t go for a full meal. 

We would definitely dine at Sanaa again and I’d recommend it, if you’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s a quick Uber ride, if you’re staying elsewhere on property and worth it.



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Friday 2nd of July 2021

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