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How SafetyPIN Technology Can Keep Your Family Safe & Secure

This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and SafetyPin Technologies.

I spend many hours online each day, from working to online shopping and planning travel. From making purchases to hiring a babysitter, I’m often questioning who I’m chatting with on the other end. When it comes to my family’s safety and having an online presence, I take every precaution to ensure I’m making the right decisions online. The internet can be too dangerous without protection – that’s why I trust SafetyPIN.

SafetyPIN was created to make the internet a safer place for everyone, no matter what you’re doing online. Whether you’re hiring a caretaker, selling old baby clothes, renting your place, or even dating…whatever sites or apps you use…asking for a SafetyPIN is the best way to know if you can trust someone you met online BEFORE you meet them in real life! Using SafetyPIN could save your life and protect you.

SafetyPIN™ is like a seal of approval for the internet age. It let’s others know you’re checked out and it helps you know that you’re chatting with somebody that has been checked out. It works both ways.


How SafetyPIN Works

SafetyPIN uses a 4-pronged process that goes beyond the standard background check that other companies offer. They do a background check, but also screens someone’s criminal, financial, and personal history. They take all of that information combined and create a behavioral profile. If you meet their criteria, you’re awarded a unique SafetyPIN you can share with people on sites like, TaskRabbit,, Airbnb – whichever sites you visit.

Of course, every great idea comes from personal experience. Founder and CEO of SafetyPIN Technologies, Jenny Thompson, had a frightening experience that inspired her creation. She hired someone off of Craigslist to watch her dogs, then the sitter faked her death. Read more about her story HERE.

Using SafetyPIN is really simple and it’s a painless process. I feel more comfortable using the internet for business and family matters than I ever did before. SafetyPIN has access to over 10,000 data sources and works with expert advisors who have over 60 years’ experience in criminal profiling and clinical psychology. When I’m hiring someone to babysit my kids, I only want the best. Now I know I’m getting the best.

SafetyPIN Technology, Online Safety

To start, you provide some basic information and answer a few short questions. The application literally takes only about 5 minutes to complete. Then, once someone’s approved (usually within 24 hours), they can share your SafetyPIN with anyone on any website. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the data that you’re sharing. They use up-to-the-minute encryption and security technologies. People can only see your SafetyPIN ID, like the image below.

It costs $1 to apply and $6 for the first 6 months. Less than $5/month after that. You can cancel membership at any time and most applications approved within 24 hours.

It only takes a minute to verify that somebody is safe with SafetyPIN and it’s the wave of the future with internet communication. I need to know that I can trust the person I’ve hired online BEFORE coming into our home. That’s technology we all need to start using.

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