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Winter Running Tips: Why Running Base Layers Are Important

There are so many advantages to running in cooler weather and it is always welcomed after a humid summer season. Yet, you may want to take precaution when the weather goes below freezing. To be safe, it’s important to know how to dress yourself with the proper gear before heading outside. See why running base layers are essential as temperatures plummet, with these winter running tips that’ll help keep you logging miles.

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Basic Winter Running Tips

There’s a rule of thumb that runners swear by: add 10º to the actual outside temperature and that’ll be how the temperature of what your body feels while running. That’s why you’ll see some runners wearing shorts when it’s 50 degrees outside… it feels like it’s 60 degrees while running!

As the temperatures drop, you can maintain your outdoor running plans if you dress properly. Adding layers, that can be removed if temperatures change, will be essential to staying outdoors. If you’re avoiding the “dreadmill” you’ll want to layer properly to keep enjoying the outdoors.

Winter Running Tips, Running Base Layers, How To Dress For Winter Running

How To Choose Running Base Layers & Why You Need Them

You need to protect your skin. Just like you protect your skin from the sun while running in the summer, you’ll need to protect your skin while running in the winter. You’ll start by focusing on your foundation – AKA your underwear. They’ll act as a running base layer that will protect your skin from being exposed. On top of that, you can add vests, running skirts, jackets and accessories. 

Three Things To Think About Before Buying:

  • Fabric Choice – material can make all the difference. There are synthetic and natural options, depending on the brands you purchase from. It needs to be sweat-wicking. This helps pull the moisture off of your skin.
  • Weight Of The Layers – While so much of running is about keeping things light weight, your base layers might have a little extra weight to protect you. Pick “midweight” or “heavyweight” fabric that will add extra warmth. 
  • Proper Fit – The base layers need to be snug to your skin. This is especially important for sweat-wicking fabrics, as they need to pull the moisture off of your skin.

All together, your layers will help your regulate the proper body temperature to stay safe. After your base layer, which wicks sweat off of your skin, you’ll add the “middle layer” which retains body heat and, lastly, the “outer layer” to shield you from wind and rain. 

If you start from the inside and work your way out, you’ll be dressing for a successful run! I’ll keep a set of outer layers in the car, just in case I ever need them. I put on my base layers at home and they’ll be washed after every single training run for sanitation purposes.

Winter Running Tips, How To Dress For Winter Running, Running In The Cold

My Favorite Running Base Layers That Are Worth The Investment

Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layer Bottoms – REI

With modern technology, Merino Wool has come a long ways! It’s blended with spandex for a flexible fit and it helps to wick sweat while staying odor free. The curved back and side seams of these pants help with proper fit. They have almost a perfect star rating too.

Running Base Layers, Winter Running Tips, How To Dress For Winter Running

Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layer Patterned Top – REI

I love half-zip options because they allow you to ventilate a little extra after you’ve warmed up. I love the cute patterned shoulder panels and it also have SPF 50 built in. 

Running Top, Winter Running Top, Winter Running Clothes

Micro Fleece Running Pants – LL Bean

These pants have the flexibility that runners need, but a synthetic micro fleece inner layer to keep you warm in the winter. The wide waistband also stays in place as you log miles.

Microfleece running tights

Amazon Essentials Women’s Brushed Tech Long-Sleeve –

I’ve recommended a lot of Amazon Essential products because they’re well made at a great price! The thumbholes on this top help keep the sleeves in place. They also protect the skin on your wrist that can oftentimes be exposed where your gloves and top sleeves don’t meet.

Amazon Essentials Running Top, Amazon Essentials Athletic Clothes

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