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Registration Tips for Run Disney Races

I get a lot of questions, from readers, about the registration process for a Run Disney race. After 4 years of registering and 26 Run Disney races later, I’ve got a few tips to make it less stressful on you. Even if you’re a veteran Run Disney participant, their process has changed over the years. So grab a pen & notepad (or just bookmark this page) and take notes.

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Registration Tips for Run Disney Races

  1. Register for an account prior to registration day. It’s the registration system that they use. You can save basic personal info to save time.
  2. Be on your computer 5 minutes early. Be ready to register before the noon opening time. DVC & Annual Pass holders can access early registration on their personal pages. For general registration, they open the link at noon. If too many people are trying to register at once, you may be placed in a “queue”.
  3. If you’re running with friends & family, have everyone register themselves. You’ll have a better chance of everybody getting in.
  4. Register for popular races first! Challenges, 10ks and 5ks sell out first. Anniversary years also cause a quick sell out.
  5. Have your shirt size, estimated finish time and credit card ready. Your estimated finish time doesn’t need to be exact, you enter a proof of time later.
  6. Have a backup device. I keep my iPad nearby, just in case something happens with my connection.
  7. Register for the kid’s races while you’re at it! They have become increasingly popular. After you’ve taken care of yourself, register the kids.
  8. You can buy commemorative items, race retreats and cheer squads later. Don’t focus on them now.
  9. Print out a copy of your confirmation & save the confirmation email.
  10. Follow Run Disney for any registration updates. They have a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account. They can answer any questions too.

Good luck with your 2018-2019 Run Disney registrations! If you aren’t successful, consider registering through a charity. Run Disney lists participating charities on their individual race websites.


Monday 18th of July 2016

My wife wants to run the Tinker Bell in Disneyland Anaheim next year. Any words of wisdom regarding registration and lodging? Thanks

Kimberly Stroh

Monday 18th of July 2016

Hi Mick!

Disneyland Half shouldn't be too hard to get into, unless she wants to run the Dumbo Double Dare. Registration will be next Spring. Sign up for an email reminder through Run Disney's website. Travel agents will also be selling packages and you can register through them.

Below is my recommended travel agent. Mention Fit Disney Mom for a complimentary planning package. (571) 758-3347

jill conyers

Tuesday 21st of June 2016

I would love to run a Disney event. One day!


Tuesday 21st of June 2016

Great Tips! I have run the Disney Marathon 3 times and the one thing I would add is to not forget to go back and enter proof of time (which I did this year) as you will end up in the last corral!!


Monday 20th of June 2016

So kind of you to share these tips!


Monday 20th of June 2016

great tips! i would LOVE to run a disney race!

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