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Printable Wellness Tracker Tool: How Small Changes Lead To Big Results

We all wish wellness and better health was easy. Often we think about the struggle that it takes to lose weight and be healthier, and then we decide it’s not worth the work. There are a few small choices you can make to be healthier without a lot of stress – some of these might even lead to weight loss. These small changes won’t work overnight but over time with other healthy choices, your weight will drop easier than before. It’s all about keeping track of your habits. To help, I’m sharing some basic tips + a FREE printable wellness tracker.

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Easy & Sustainable Tips To Get Started

One of my favorite tips? Eat your vegetables first so you have less room for other foods. Vegetables have a high water content and are very low calorie and very filling. This will help you reduce your overall calorie intake without feeling hungry.

One great small change you can make to lose extra weight and get healthier, is to make a habit of drinking more water. Drinking more water helps keep you full and helps your body get rid of excess toxins and other things you no longer need in your body.

Don’t neglect your rest as well. It’s essential to your body. Getting more sleep can help your body heal and strengthen over time. So often we do not make sure we get enough sleep. This can trigger a stress response that makes us gain weight instead of losing it.

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Reduce stress on your mind and body. The hormones released with stress can help your body hold on to excess weight and even cause it to store new fat. Take the time for self-care allowing you to improve your overall mental and physical health to help you lose weight easier. I love pilates for stress-relief and running for mental health.

Make a point to eat breakfast. Often we skip breakfast because we are too busy or not hungry when we have time to eat. This can be a big issue because we are more likely to overindulge in less healthy options while going about our day. Eating a healthy breakfast at the start of the day can help you make healthy choices all day long.

Use your printable tracker to help you stay accountable for what you are eating and drinking. Even if you are not tracking calories this is a great way to know for sure what you are eating each day so you can make smarter choices over time.  

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Print Your Free Wellness Tracker Tool

Want to get started on your journey to better health? It all starts with developing better habits. This wellness tracker is  designed to help you keep track of the smaller goals. Download it, print it out and place it in an area that you check on a daily basis. It can be your refrigerator, work desk, or I place mine in my planner.

You’ll notice that the tracker has a place for you to mark your energy levels. I can see, that the longer I keep track of my small habits – the better my energy level tends to be.

Click Here To Print Your Wellness Tracker

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