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Free Printable Rubber Duck Valentines For Kids

Don’t let classroom valentines stress you out – I’ve got you covered, Mama! If you’re looking for an adorable printable valentine for girls, these are the cutest. Just download these FREE printable Rubber Duck Valentines, cut them out, and let your child sign their name. You can tie them, with ribbon, onto actual rubber ducks as a fun valentine to give away. They’re creative, fun and – the best part – no candy is involved.

Print your FREE rubber duck valentine cards! Attach to rubber ducks for a cute look.

What I love about these printable rubber duck valentines is how unique they are. I haven’t bought generic valentines from the store, for my kids, in so long. They’re really boring and oftentimes your child is going to pass out the same valentines as another kid.

By using this design you’re supporting a small business, removing the hassle of going to the store and you’ll have a unique valentines that everyone is going to love. The kids can use the rubber duck toy that they receive.

Looking for more printable valentines? I’ve got some other great designs:

How To Print Your Rubber Duck Valentines

The purpose of this rubber duck valentine design is to tie them to a rubber duck. You can find them at local box stores (like Target or Walmart), but if you’re buying in bulk for the classroom, I recommend rubber ducks on Amazon. I love the traditional yellow rubber ducks, but the the pink rubber ducks match the valentine too.

free printable rubber duck valentines

To print your valentines, use the link below. Be sure to print in color on a card stock quality paper. The heavier paper will help the valentine last (especially if your child is taking them to school in their book bag). Use scissors to cut the valentines.

Next, cut a hole with a hole-puncher in the top corner. To attach the valentine to a rubber duck, use ribbon or twine. That’s it and it’s such a cute valentine to exchange.


Printable Rubber Duck Valentine Cards

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