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Printable Halloween Party Game “Pin The Nose”

There are some must-haves when you throw a party for kids: snacks, play time, something sweet and they need something to do. If you’re planning a spooky season kids event, print this FREE Halloween Party Game PDF that’s “Pin The Nose” on the witch! It’s a simple game, kids love it and it’s the perfectly themed for the holiday. Kids will laugh, take turns and try to pin the nose.

Print this FREE Halloween Party Game For Kids - Pin the nose on the witch!

It’s the absolute worst when you’ve got a group of kids, that you’ve invited for a party, and you don’t have enough planned. Kids go bonkers when there aren’t enough actives and games are perfect. They keep the kids entertained and burn off a little energy. I have them play this one and my Halloween “Roll The Dice” candy game.

I like to add in a fun prize for the winner of the game. Maybe the child get’s a “bigger” candy bar or you can purchase a little Halloween plush! You’ll laugh as the kids try to win the prize and the memories you make are priceless.

Halloween Party Games, Halloween Roll The Dice Candy Game

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Print Your Halloween Party Game “Pin The Nose”

I love to print out the game on card stock paper. It’s a bit thicker than normal copy paper and it will last longer as the kids play. Download the PDF, print it in full color and place the two pieces together on a blank wall. Cut out the nose pieces. If you want to save this page to find again, just bookmark the URL and print more in the future.

Printable Halloween Party Game For Kids

How To Play This Game:

Once the PDF is printed, use Scotch tape to put it on the wall, aligning the witch to be one piece. Instruct the kids to stand in a line. Blindfold the first kid and have them spin in a circle three times. Next, give them a cut-out “nose” that has tape on it and see if they can “pin the nose” on the witch.

The player who gets the nose closest to the spot where it’s supposed to be wins the game! It’s easy, fun and festive for Halloween.

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