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FREE Printable Kentucky Derby Betting Cards

I love everything about the Kentucky Derby and every May I celebrate the occasion from my own home. You don’t have to go to the real Derby to understand the excitement. Throw a party at home and use these FREE Printable Kentucky Derby Betting Cards for your guests to use before the race. It’s a fun way to pretend like you’re actually there and create a bit of thrill. You can even have prizes for your winners!

Free Kentucky Derby Betting Cards for parties.

When I think of a Kentucky Derby Party, I think of all the guests wearing fun hats and getting dressed up. Of course, you can serve Mint Juleps and serve some amazing some appetizers. Decorate using roses, too.

The derby is always a fun excuse to celebrate the spring season. Just remember that the race only lasts a few minutes, so you want to have your party beforehand! That’s when your guests can place their bets.

Looking for some great appetizer and Kentucky themed recipes? Here are my favorites:

How To Get Your Printable Kentucky Derby Betting Cards

Since your guests will be writing on their betting cards, print them out on heavy card stock paper. This will give them more durability than normal copy paper and guests could even write as they walk around. I always recommend printing out a few extras too.

Free Printable Kentucky Derby Betting Cards

Print out the betting cards using color ink. Be sure to have plenty of pens available for guests to use. Of course, you’ll have winners after the race. Be sure that you have a fun prize that your guests can take home, if they pick the winning horse. I like the idea of gift cards, fresh roses or even horse shoes with the party date!

Printable Kentucky Derby Betting Cards

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