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23 Pretzel Rod Recipes To Celebrate Every Holiday

Who knew that pretzel rods would become amazing when they’re dipped in chocolate? There’s pretzel rod recipes for every holiday and occasion! I love dipped pretzels because you can decorate them for anything and they’re super versatile. Plus, the pretzels provide the salty to the sweet chocolate. So get ready to dip and check out these great easy pretzel rod recipes.

Pretzel Rod Recipes to celebrate every holiday!

The first time I received dipped pretzel rods, as a Christmas gift, I thought it was so creative. There’s no baking or working around the stovetop. Just melt some chocolate wafers and get ready to dip the pretzels. There isn’t much technique involved, so anyone can make these recipes – even kids!

I’m sharing 23 recipes from bloggers who love pretzels rods (and their versatility) as much as me, plus some fun tips to ensure your dipped pretzel rods turn out amazing every time. I make my Polar Bear Dipped Pretzels and Easter Dipped Pretzels with my kids every year!

Tips For Executing Pretzel Rod Recipes & Dipping

  • After the chocolate wafers, or chips, are melted, add it to a tall glass. The depth of the glass makes it easy to dip pretzel rods, instead of using a plate.
  • Have wax paper ready so your dipped pretzel rods can set and harden. The wax paper won’t stick to the dipped pretzel rods.
  • Use standard chocolate dipping tips to ensure you don’t have excess chocolate!
  • Press any decor into the chocolate, using your hands. Sometimes the sprinkles or candy just needs a little help.

How To Give Chocolate Dipped Pretzels As A Gift

One of my favorite Amazon finds of all time are these awesome self-sealing cellophane pretzel bags. They keep your individual pretzels nice and prevent the decor items from falling off of the pretzels. Plus, they’re great if you want to sell the treats! Use the bags for gifts, bake sales and more.

How To Keep Dipped Pretzel Rods Fresh After Dipping

Once your chocolate has set, you can transfer the pretzels to an airtight food storage container. If you need to stack the pretzels, add sheets of wax paper in-between. For best freshness, enjoy the chocolate-dipped pretzels within 5-7 days of making them.

I avoid freezing my pretzels. Avoid exposing the dipped pretzels to direct heat or moisture. Any moisture will cause the pretzel to soften.

23 Pretzel Rod Recipes To Celebrate Every Holiday

Do you love chocolate-dipped pretzels? Check out these fun Pretzel Rod recipes to celebrate every holiday you can think of! These are easy treats to make and they all start with a simple pretzel rod.

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