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Post Covid-19 Carry On Packing List Printable (FREE)

Experts are saying that the airline industry has forever changed since 2020. That means things will be changing for how you travel, as the the customer, too. The post Covid-19 airline environment was first proclaimed as finally being up-to-par with sanitation. Less customers on each flight and more time between flights means the brands can clean the cabin better. As time goes on though, and more people start to travel, those higher standards of cleanliness are going to slip. Be prepared with this printable post Covid-19 carry on packing list. It includes everything you’d normally travel with for flying, PLUS the extra items you’ll want to bring for sanitizing your surrounding seat area.

Traveling sometime soon? Check out this post Covid-19 carry on packing list. It includes everything you'd normally need, PLUS items to sanitize your seat/surrounding areas. #Travel #InternationalTravel #FamilyTravel #SoloTravel #PackingList

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Since the pandemic, travelers are taking extra precaution on all flights. Bringing your own supplies of cleaning items will help ensure you know the space is sanitized before takeoff. Plus, most airlines have mandated a mask policy too. So those are just a few examples of things that you’ll want to have in your carry on.

On top of that, you’ll wan to travel with the must-have items that you can’t afford to be in lost luggage. That include medications and your passport or ID. I always keep some cash on hand as well for tipping. 

Other than that, most of the listed items are just things to keep you comfortable. The longer the flight, the more comfortable you’ll want to be. Check out these 10 Hacks For Sleeping On A Plane to help you out too! Time will go by faster when you’re comfortable in the space.

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Post Covid-19 Carry On Packing List Printable (FREE)

Ready to start packing? Download your carry on packing list by clicking on the link below. I like to bookmark the URL and save it, just in case you need to print it again in the future!

Post Covid-19 Carry On Packing List, What To Carry On The Plane


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