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Atlanta’s Porsche Driving Experience Cost: Is It Worth It? (VIDEO)

To find out if Atlanta’s Porsche Driving Experience cost is worth it, I got behind the wheel with fellow Girl’s Guide to Cars writers. Porsche Driving Experience Atlanta gave me a complimentary experience in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

The driving coach sat in the passenger seat next to me, while he calming talked me through the entire track experience. For him, it’s a job he’s passionate about. For me, Atlanta’s Porsche Driving Experience is the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s the ultimate day for any driving enthusiast and adrenaline junkie. Being fully immersed in the Porsche lifestyle, as a typical minivan driver, is pretty amazing. However, you have to ask yourself: is Atlanta’s Porsche Driving Experience cost worth it?

Is Atlanta's Porsche Driving Experience cost worth it? This full review includes a written and video review of the experience. #Porsche #PorscheAtlanta #Atlanta #Travel #FamilyTravel #AtlantaTravel

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Breaking It Down: Atlanta’s Porsche Driving Experience Cost

Atlanta natives probably remember driving down I-75 and seeing “the old Ford plant” and remembering how it sat empty for years. Porsche came along and invested over 100 million dollars into what is now One Porsche Drive. The one-of-a-kind facility is a littler over 27 acres that combines ingenuity, design, business and fun. It’s an industry first, where guests are invited to step into the Porsche lifestyle and experience the finer things in life – even if it’s only for half a day.

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On The Track Experiences

Every guest sits through a safety briefing where you’re verbally walked through the entire track experience. It gives you a birds-eye-view of the track and you’re taught that it’s not a “race track” but rather about precision driving. Every aspect of the track was designed with Porsche vehicles in mind and the coaches gladly explain that their #1 goal is have you smiling. Indeed, the 1.6 mile circuit will leave you with plenty of thrills (and a big smile).

Guests can either book to drive themselves, with an expert coach in the passenger seat, or as a passenger themselves. That’ll definitely effect your Porsche Driving Experience cost as well.

Here is a breakdown of the Porsche Driving Experience Atlanta track modules:

  • Off Road Circuit: Used specifically with the Cayenne, the off-road circuit will test your handling skills with off-road engineering tests and safety technology. 
  • Low Friction Handling Circuit: Comprised of polished concrete surface, these twists and turns will test your skills in understeer conditions. 
  • One Mile Handling Circuit: This circuit mimics a country road with varying curves and undulations. Your coach will guide you through the correct path and brake application wile navigating these conditions. 
  • Dynamics Area: Test speed, agility and lane changing performance of Porsche.
  • Kick Plate: One of two in the United States, the kick plate has a sensor trigger that detects when your vehicle drives over it. It’ll randomly mimic sliding that occurs in inclement weather, forcing the driving to react quickly to a skid or spin.
  • Wet, Low Friction Circle: Experience the thrills of drifting in a Porsche, while testing out over-steer capabilities on a wet polished concrete surface.
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Off Track Experiences

While the gem of the One Porsche Drive is the track, there is so much to do on property that goes beyond driving. It’s an epic building that an experience just to be in. Did you know that part of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War was filmed at the Porsche Driving Experience center?

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The Simulator Lab

Test your skills off of the track in the Simulator Lab, where guests can pick between a number of different vehicles with authentic physics. Guests of all ages can participate and race against each other on the virtual track. Basically, everyone sits in a low-to-the-ground simulator with headphones on and three screens in front of them. The Porsche Driving Experience Atlanta Simulator Lab cost is $40 per person and needs to scheduled online, ahead of your visit.

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Porsche Driving Experience Atlanta Tours

What’s inside of the Porsche Headquarters is amazing unto itself. There’s brand memorabilia all around the venue and unique historic artifacts that you can only view on the tours. They offer a 90-minute tour that covers facts about the brand, the Porsche story and how the brand came to the United States. Everything in the building is covered. The general tour costs $16 per person ($10 for seniors and children).

Want to take a VIP tour? The Porsche Driving Experience Atlanta VIP tour is the same as the 90 minute versions, except they add a demonstration lap (as a passenger) around the track. Children 12 and older can participate. The VIP tour cost is $85 per person.

The Porsche Driving Experience Atlanta Heritage Gallery is open to anyone, free of cost, to take a self-guided tour. The museum is two stories and consists of historic vehicles that are changed out seasonally. They are either vehicles from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart or from private owners. It’s a beautiful look into the brand’s past and what the “Porsche Lifestyle” is all about. Be sure to take a close look at the Porsche Legends Signature Wall, which includes notable visitors to One Porsche Drive.

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Dining At Porsche Driving Experience Atlanta: Restaurant 356

Just like everything at the center, even the dining is a thrilling experience, expect for your tastebuds. Restaurant 356 is the center’s fine dining option, which offers a seasonally changing menu. Menu highlights include fresh seafood, grass-fed beef and farm fresh chicken. The restaurant is a captivating location that offers both views of the track and of the world’s busiest airport.

Restaurant 356 also offers a full service bar with an immense wine collection and a hand crafted cocktail menu. 

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How To Book Porsche Driving Experience Atlanta

Every experience allows the driver 90 minutes of behind-the-wheel time. Several of the available experiences allow drivers to cross compare different Porsche models (like a mid vs. rear engine design). Guests are allowed to pick the driving modules of the track that they’d like to focus on. However, only the Porsche Cayenne does the Off Road Circuit.

You can schedule your experience, online, up to four months ahead of time. For more than six guests at a time, they recommend calling to schedule your personal experience. The experience is an excellent idea for birthdays, corporate events, bachelor or even bachelorette parties. 

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Is Porsche Driving Experience Atlanta Worth The Money?

Here’s my take on the Porsche Driving Experience Atlanta: it’s amazing for anyone and you don’t have to be an auto enthusiast. I immensely enjoyed the day and I think the 90 minute drive time makes it all worthwhile. You definitely leave on an adrenaline high. 

Depending on the vehicles you pick to drive, determines the price tag of your experience. It makes for an awesome luxury gift that’s unique and unexpected. It’s even worth adding a night at the Solis Two Porsche Drive Hotel if you’re traveling through Atlanta. 

However, there are a couple of scenarios where I don’t think it’s worth the money…

  • If you have any health conditions, like you’re pregnant, I don’t think it’s worth paying for. I also think the center doesn’t have much to offer young children. You must be at least 60lbs to do the passenger experience.
  • The Simulator Lab wasn’t thrilling for me. It just doesn’t compare to the actual track experience and felt like a glorified arcade situation. It might be better if you were throwing a party, but I wouldn’t spend the extra $40 to add it to your individual experience. 
  • I did the Off Road Circuit as a passenger and it’s really neat – quite possibly, better than if you’re driving. Let a professional driver show you the Off Road Circuit and don’t pay to drive the Cayenne. They can really put the vehicle through the ropes as you sit back enjoy what the Cayenne is really capable of. The engineering is mind-blowing to see firsthand.
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How To Buy Porsche Center Atlanta Gift Certificates

So you want to buy the experience as a gift? I think that’s one of the best gifts you can give someone who will be in the Atlanta area. You can purchase gift certificates that cover the full amount of the experience or just a portion! Customers can buy Porsche Center Atlanta gift certificates in nominations from $100 – $1000 USD. They’re electronic gift certificates that are delivered directly to their inbox. You can personalize them by adding a message and selecting from a few Porsche designs. 

What To Know Before Your Visit

If you’ve decided to be a part of the thrills, there are few things to know before planning your visit. You’ll be spending a majority of the day at One Porsche Drive. 

  • Wear comfortable shoes that you can drive in (leave those heels at home, ladies)
  • The center is stroller-friendly
  • Parking is free
  • Charging stations are available for electronic vehicles
  • Wear or bring socks for the Simulator Lab (you’ll do it without shoes on)
  • Bring an extra back up charger for your phone so you can capture video & photos

PEC Atlanta Hours:

  • Tuesday – Saturday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Drive Sessions: 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM
  • Demonstration Laps: 12:30 PM, 5:30 PM

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