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Plantar Fasciitis Pain: Trying to Manage Running and Training

Running is one of my greatest joys in life, until it starts to become painful. When I started running in 2012, it was much easier on my joints and I could push my body to greater extremes because I had no limitations. As my body changed with having babies, I started to notice new annoyances and aches. The most noticeable was a stabbing sensation in my heel. That was the beginning of my journey with Plantar Fasciitis Pain.

Running Tips: 3 crucial steps to take to eliminate the heel pain caused from Plantar Fasciitis.

And, let me tell you – it is truly a pain. I was in denial at first because the pain would dissipate and feel better as I ran. Little did I know that’s because my foot was warming up (you can read the official WebMD Plantar Fasciitis overview – here). Every morning, when I woke up, I would shuffle my feet because walking caused an intense pain.

Obviously, my training started to suffer and running was no longer enjoyable.


Starting with Self-Care to End Plantar Fasciitis Pain

I scoured the internet looking for at-home solutions. The repeat theme, while researching, was self-care. I started a new regimen of massage my calves, stretching my calfs and rolling my feet. I started to find some minor relief from rolling my foot along a frozen water bottle. Everything you’re supposed to do at home needs to be done religiously. You have to put the time and effort into self-care, just like you do with training.

The pain was still persistent and I kept looking for answers. I wondered if the baby weight had something to do with developing PF,  I was running the wrong way (is that even possible?) or my body just wasn’t meant for running anymore.

Plantar Fasciitis Pain, Foam Rolling, Foam Roll to Alleviate Pain

Finding Some Answers

Instead of self-diagnosing and wondering what I was doing wrong, I finally decided it was time to talk to a professional. I booked an appointment with one of Atlanta’s top Podiatrists who works with the Atlanta Track Club and also runs. He was recommended by several of my running friends. I highly recommend finding a physician that works specifically with runners.

After X-Rays, he DID diagnose me with Plantar Fasciitis that developed into Heel Spurs. That was the first time discovering the two conditions were related.

The Podiatrist recommended I do several things:

  1. Switch to a stability running shoe with Super Feet Inserts. I needed the arch support.
  2. No more walking around barefoot.
  3. Stretch my calves like it’s my job.

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The Next Step for my Plantar Fasciitis Pain

All of those recommendations helped. I completed my first WDW Marathon in 2016 and I was feeling pretty good. Then baby #2 came along. As soon as I started to feel better and begun training for my next set of races, my Plantar Fasciitis was back. I immediately went back through the same self-care process on top of the doctor’s recommendations.

That leads me to my current situation. I’ve got an appointment scheduled with the same Podiatrist for the next step: a cortisone injection. I was hoping to avoid getting one, as they can be controversial, but I know it’s better than surgery. They require several days off from training, but patients swear by the results. It’s only temporary, so do your own research before signing up.

I am desperate to get rid of the Plantar Fasciitis pain and start running for fun again.

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Do you have Plantar Fasciitis? What works for you?

***DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional! Just sharing my journey. I recommend talking with a doctor about your own pain.***


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