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Collect, Save & Share: Organize Your Photos Like A Professional Blogger

How To Organize Your Photos Like A Pro

This post was sponsored by the makers of ibi, who also sent me the product for review.

As a family travel blogger, I make my living by telling stories through video and photography. Whether it’s a family vacation or press trip, I can take hundreds of photos in a single trip – which amounts to thousands of photos every year. While it’s overwhelming to think about the bigger picture, I’ve got a user-friendly tool, that you can use too, to organize your photos like a pro.

How to Organize Your Photos Like A Blogger: Collect, Save, Share and Organize With These Awesome Photography Tips. #Ad #Photography #TravelPhotography #FamilyPhotography

The One Device That Allows You To Collect, Save & Share

Think about all of the photos you have – from social media accounts to your clouds. It’s very time consuming to go through individually to save everything. Then, on top of that, it’s time consuming to organize everything. It’s totally old-school and you no longer have to waste time doing that.

I’ve switched to using the ibi smart photo manager to get the job done for me. The device seamlessly helps me collect all of my photos, find anything with the touch of an app and share videos or photos privately.

Organize Your Photos, ibi photo manager review, ibi photo storage device, photo sharing device

The User-Friendly System That Automates The Process For You

When you’ve got thousands of photos, like me, you want to streamline the organization process so it’s easy. Rolled into one device, ibi allows users to sync photos and video from cloud, social media and your devices in one spot.

Professional bloggers are making the switch to using a smart photo manager and now you can organize your photos like we do – with ibi!

You upload content from a USB or right from the ibi desktop app for Mac or PC. Anyone can easily use ibi because the learning curve is almost non existent. Users just plug in their ibi device and download the iOS or Android app. You’re walked through the easy step-by-step instructions to getting started.

Organize Your Photos, ibi photo manager review, ibi photo storage device, photo sharing device

Access All Photos From An App

Since ibi is a “smart photo manager” it does most of the work for you. You can easily organize and find your photos and video with their iOS and Android apps. It allows you to search all of your memories by location or date. It’s all at the touch of your fingers.

That makes it really easy when I’m out to lunch with girlfriends and I’m pulling up a photo that would normally  only be on my home desktop. While ibi is for everyone, I can ensure that all moms will appreciate owning one.

Get In The Habit Of Sharing Privately

Obviously, I share a lot of our photos and video for all of the internet to see – it’s my job. However, there are so many of our private family moments that I want to share privately, with family, and not on social media. That’s one of my favorite features of ibi. I can send individual photos or entire albums to my favorite people.

Those first ultrasound photos or cute bath-time moments can finally be shared – without the whole world having access to them. I pick who gets to see the photos and video, when I want. There are so many incidences where I went to upload a photo onto social media and thought twice about the audience.

Organize Your Photos, ibi photo manager review, ibi photo storage device, photo sharing device

You can invite your closest friends to share photos and video as well. It’s known as creating a private space, called your “inner circle.” It’s very similar to what you already do on social media, but you’ve got the confidence of knowing your data is truly private. You’re in control of who can see your data.

Lastly, when you’re gathered around with family and friends, you can stream photos and videos to your television with ibi via Roku or Chromecast. It seems like every holiday season we’re gathered around, as a family, looking back on our memories. Now I can do it all from our ibi.

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Wednesday 20th of March 2019

This totally sounds like something I need. I have photos showing up on my desktop that I don't even know where they are!

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