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Prep Your Yard For Summer Entertainment With Mosquito Spraying

Disclosure: This post about mosquito spraying is sponsored by on behalf of Mosquito Joe.

Every year I talk a good talk about entertaining more during the Summer. We have family that comes to town, I love the patriotic fun of throwing a 4th of July party and our backyard is beautiful. When we moved in, we had our backyard cleared out for extra space to entertain. This year, I am finally living up to my word and entertaining – all thanks to mosquito spraying.

Our hot and humid Atlanta climate means mosquitos love to hang out all summer long (and fall and sometimes even winter). It makes it really hard to use our backyard when mosquitos are swarming. I swear they love me!

Mosquito Spraying, Mosquito Prevention

How We’re Using Mosquito Spraying This Summer

This year the difference will be using our local Mosquito Joe service, for mosquito control. They have several options of service available from spraying for a one-time special event to the occasional barrier spray. If you have persistent problems, like we do because of the lake we live on, they can even install continuous misting systems.

For me, mosquito prevention goes beyond entertaining too. When I was pregnant with my youngest, during the hype of Zika Virus, I learned the dangers that lurk when it’s mosquito season. With so many diseases they can carry, I want to protect our family.

I just had my first service from Mosquito Joe and I already feel like our yard has changed. I can sit on the porch without scratching my ankles because I’ve been bit.

It was easy to create an account over the phone, set up a time for a technician to come over and then they treated our entire yard. You don’t even need to be home during the treatment.

Mosquito Spraying, Mosquito Prevention

How Mosquito Spraying Works

Mosquito Joe does more than just eliminate mature mosquitoes. Their techs walk your property looking out for any potential breeding areas. We had a few toys left outside, that filled with rainwater, which created a problem.

This helps to stop the life cycle of them.  In addition, Mosquito Joe can help prevent issues with fleas or ticks – great for protecting our furry friends too! Concerned about pesticides?  Ask about their all-natural treatments.

Get a Free Quote Today

Mosquito Joe is happy to give you a free quote that’s based on your specific yard and needs.  If you decide to use their services, be sure to use code “BUZZONLINE” for $25 off your first spray!

This summer is going to be more backyard picnics, more playing outside and creating memories that will last a lifetime. We’re finally going to use our backyard and not worry about mosquitos. I can go back to being the “Cool Mom” and not worrying.

Mosquito Spraying

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