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Printable 60 Miles Monthly Running Challenge (Color Your Miles)

Believe it or not, running isn’t the hard part. Getting out the door and finding the motivation is the hard part. It’s something that takes discipline and eventually comes with time. I look for motivation wherever I can find it – even if it feels somewhat silly. This Printable 60 Miles Monthly Running Challenge is one of my favorite ways to stick to my program. Just color in your mileage as you run each day and watch your beautiful tracker come to color by the end of the month.

Print this FREE 60 miles monthly running challenge and color your mileage as you complete it.

It’s so much fun to watch your tracker come to life with color and it’s a little thing that might just help you get some extra steps in every day. 

Not a runner? No problem! You don’t have to be a runner to use this monthly challenge. You can walk the sixty miles or complete it however you want. Whether it’s the treadmill or getting outside every day, you’ll keep track of progression after you log your miles.

Why sixty miles? Good question! Sixty miles is a great starting point for a beginner. It breaks down to two miles per day or you can do three miles several days per week. Two miles isn’t mentally challenging as long distance running, but it’s enough to impact your fitness.

If you’re new to this challenge, you can break up the mileage however you want. Run one mile and walk a mile every day. Or run all of the mileage. It’s up to you to complete the challenge in a way that works best for your body.

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60 Miles Monthly Running Challenge

Print Your FREE 60 Miles Monthly Running Challenge Tracker

All you have to do is download the PDF from the link below to print this challenge. I recommend using a card stock paper that’s thicker, so it will have more durability. Either save the PDF to your desktop OR bookmark this URL so you can print another later. You can use it any month of the year.

Print it in color and hang it somewhere that it’s a daily reminder – like on your refrigerator. Reward yourself for completing the entire challenge so you’ll have an incentive to keep going. 

Color in each shoe to track your mileage with colored pencils or crayon.

Another way to re-use the paper is to laminate it. You can use an EXPO Marker to color in your mileage and just erase (to start over) when you’re done for the month.


Color your mileage running tracker

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